Students from Capital Community College and Trinity College are welcome to list up to 5 preferences for project proposals by October 22, 2018. The Action Lab will inform students if they have been matched to a project team by early November, before pre-registration for the Spring 2019 semester. Listen to Action Lab students and faculty describe how they learn with Hartford community partners.

Students must be available to enroll in two Action Lab courses: LAAL 200 Action Research Methods in Hartford (for all students on Monday afternoons, around 1-4pm) and an LAAL 201 Hartford Research Project team (6 students, meets either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons, around 1-4pm, or Wednesday evenings, around 6:30-9:10pm). Both will be taught by the Action Lab Director at our downtown campus, and successful students will earn 2 Trinity credits, which is the equivalent of 6 CCC credits. Contact us if you have questions about the application process.

Need guidance on how to choose a project? Read the brief descriptions and note down the ones that capture your interest. Rank your top choices in the online application form.

Don’t rule a project out because you don’t know how to do the work that is described. You will receive instruction and guidance—that’s why you are taking these courses!

Brief Project Descriptions for Spring 2019:

Come back in early October 2018 to read about the projects that were submitted

See full descriptions and links to community partners at bottom of this page.

For more information about the projects, see the full proposals below the application form.

Full Proposals and Preferences: