Students from Capital Community College and Trinity College are invited to apply to the Action Lab. They must be available to enroll in two Action Lab courses: LAAL 200 Action Research Methods in Hartford (for all students on Monday afternoons, around 1-4pm) and an LAAL 201 Hartford Research Project (teams of 4-5 students, meets either Tues, Wed, Thurs, or Friday afternoon, around 1-4pm). Both will be taught by Action Lab Director Megan Brown at our downtown campus, and successful students will earn 2 Trinity credits (the equivalent of 6 CCC credits). Contact us if you have questions.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
LAAL 200
Methods course
(all students)
LAAL 201
Project Team 1
(4-5 students)
LAAL 201
Project Team 2
(4-5 students)
LAAL 201
Project Team 3
(4-5 students)
LAAL 201
Project Team 4
(4-5 students)

Draft course descriptions (pending formal approval)

LAAL 200: Action Research Methods in Hartford

What is the role of academic research in social change? How can students and community groups collaborative effectively to co-create, implement, and use research projects to solve social problems? In this course, students will study the theories and methods of interdisciplinary action research. Emphasizing ethical collaboration, students will learn research design strategies, methods, and research tools in order to work with community partners to solve pressing problems. Topics include: the construction of research questions, quantitative methods (GIS mapping, statistical analysis, and public data sources), qualitative methods (interviewing techniques, surveys, and qualitative coding), policy analysis, ethical considerations in community-engaged research, and sharing findings with multiple audiences.

Instructor: Prof. Megan Brown. Enrollment limited to 20. Requires permission of instructor. Requires concurrent registration in LAAL 201. Fulfills Numerical and Symbolic Reasoning requirement at Trinity.

LAAL 201: Hartford Research Project

In this project-based class, students and faculty fellows will work in teams with Hartford community partners to research social problems and develop possible solutions. The projects we undertake are defined by Hartford community partners. Sample projects may include: analysis of mortgage lending disparities, focus groups on civic engagement, neighborhood public history projects, and urban development case studies. Students will learn and apply project management techniques, work collaboratively with community groups to develop research questions, select appropriate methods, and communicate results with different media to different audiences. 

Instructor: Prof. Megan Brown. Enrollment limited to 20. Requires permission of instructor. Requires concurrent registration in LAAL 200.