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Reflective Writing From Our Seminar

Alyson Diamonstein Seminar: Prof. M October 22 2014 Ecological Footprint   The ecological foot print quiz really made me realize how in many ways I am impacting the environment in a negative way without even realizing it. On the first quiz it said it would take 6.1 planet earths to live like me and on… Continue Reading

Assignment from another class

Alyson Diamonstein Professor Wetterson RHET 101 October 26th, 2014 The Security Found in Walking and Driving. Driving and walking in the United States are natural and commonplace activities but both represent the freedoms we have as citizens. While there are many laws we must follow there are few boundaries when it comes to the experiences… Continue Reading

Research Efforts.

A) My research topic was the use of wildlife as entertainment. As a child I grew up blind to the fact that animals in zoos and circuses were being abused because. I was so mesmerized by their beauty and many tricks. Last year my senior speech topic was about SeaWorld. The controversial documentary Blackfish had… Continue Reading

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