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Hey everyone,

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Bantam Banter

Trinity Firsts: Encountering President Jones

My first encounter with President Jones came about at the Matriculation ceremony.

During the Book signing, he asked where I was from and told me a funny story about his favorite professor who was also from Virginia (like me!).

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Winter Break

So I am in my third week of winter break, and while I can say that my first and second weeks home were AMAZING, I am starting to get bored (shock! I know I know). This boredom stems from the fact that I have now seen all my friends, re-read all my favorite books and caught up on all my tv shows.  So what’s a college freshman to do?

That has been the question I have been asking myself all week, and still no clear cut answer has struck me. So I think its safe to say that I miss all the activity of Trinity. I did not realize just how busy college was until I was left in my house all alone while my parents went to work and my sister went to school. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED waking up at 7 in the morning to laugh at her while she trudged down the stairs and off to school, and then crawl back into bed to sleep for another 10 hours (just joking it was only 4) but even that is starting to get old. Maybe I need to pick up a hobby, like scrapbooking or knitting…

Happy New Year,


Bantam Banter, Class of 2015

Trinity First: Class

My first class at Trinity was “Intensive Arabic 101.”

I was terrified that I was going to be late to class and that I would get lost. So I left twenty minutes early, imagine my surprise to realize that my class was literally two minutes from my dorm. Yup, so I was 18 minutes early to class! Now most days I don’t leave until a minute before class is scheduled to start.

Sounds a lot like Dylan’s first class on campus…

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The End is Approaching…

Friday was my last day of classes for this semester, and now I am rapidly approaching exam week. I wont lie I didn’t immediately begin working, I spent my Friday night at Umoja House (the African American Cultural House) with some friends for a Greek panel and a Christmas party.

Saturday, however was a different story.

I cleaned and did laundry in preparation for this week. Now I am sitting in the library in a really quiet section  with some friends typing this. So Monday begins review week, no classes, just reviewing for my Arabic final and writing three papers. I cannot believe that my semester is almost over and that only 3 papers and an Arabic final stand between me and completion of my first semester as a Trinity College freshman!

Back to Studying,


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Happy Holidays Everyone!

…I can officially say that now that it’s December 1st!

It is safe to say that the Christmas season is my favorite, and to start the season off right my roommate and I put up a Christmas tree. Now our room isn’t very big, but my desk is just big enough to hold a small 2 ft evergreen.

Just a little Christmas spirit!

So the tree has been decorated, the lights have been hung, and the music is playing (right now I am listening to Andy Williams’ “Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”), and I cant help but feel the spirit. I hope Trinity is ready for all my Christmas cheer.

More importantly, we are coming to the end of my first semester at Trinity. I honestly cannot believe how fast it went! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing my first post about attending my first class. And as the semester wraps up and I begin preparing for finals I can’t believe how lucky I am to be going to Trinity.

Happy Holidays!


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Trinity First: Piece of Apparel

My first piece of Trinity apparel is a really amazing Trin scarf, with the school colors and name with the crest on it.

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Sitting in the Airport

I am blogging from Bradley International Airport, because in about an hour I will be going home!! Thats right its time to visit home for the first time since I left for Trin. I’ve spent the last two and a half months immersing myself into life at Trinity. And as I was cleaning my room this morning I got this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was going home, which is weird because this morning after Arabic I went home also (aka Frobb). I had Thanksgiving dinner last night with my family (aka the Frobbians, Frobbers, or Frobbsters, what you want to call us is up to you), and it was great.

So I made my bed, and then I just sat on it, confused as to how to proceed. I have been looking forward to coming home (to Virginia) for a couple weeks now, but when the day finally arrived  I was sad. I hugged my friends goodbye and got into the cab outside. Now I’m sitting in the smallest airport I have ever seen, waiting for a plane to take me to my house- I decided that’s what I will call my Virginia place of residence.

Whether I’m at home in Virginia or in Frobb, I feel that it’s been a great first semester. And so I’m ready to head South for a few days of rest and to catch up with all my friends from high school!

Happy Thanksgiving,

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“Mentor” is Just a Fancy Name for “Replacement Mom”

So as promised in an earlier post, I will now tell you about my Mentor/Mom, Roxanne.

So as part of the First Year Program freshman are required to take a First Year Seminar. This seminar comes with one big perk…a mentor! Each seminar has at least one mentor, whose main job is to be a resource for whatever you need. My seminar decided to become more like a family than a class, and since most of us live in the same dorm its was pretty easy to bond. On the first day we met with Roxanne, who told us that she was here for us, for anything, from homework help to hang-out sessions. Over the last two months she has helped me countless times. She often gets calls or texts from her little duckies (that’s what she call us as a whole) at all hours of the day and we get an almost immediate response. She edits papers, helps with homework, takes us to get dinner sometimes, and yells at other TA’s for us. She pretty much takes care of us the way our parents would. She is our biggest supporter, coming to our events or just hanging out after class, and I don’t know what I would do without her!

Today, when she was going to be in New York for a few days, and the entire class groaned. Not because we need her to help us with homework, but because she is going to be out of reach and because we will miss her. Our seminar professor just laughed at us. Then Roxanne just said, “I know my little duckies, but mommy needs a job.”

I did not know about Trinity’s mentor program until I got a letter from Roxanne in the mail over the summer, but now that I have her, I am even more happy with my decision. She is always there when I need her and even when I dont. She has created a little family and I am so glad I get to be a part of it. So thank you Mom, you’re the best!

Your Duckling,


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It’s Almost FRIDAY!

Wow! what a week, it feels like I have been running non stop like a chicken with my head cut off. I’m finally getting into the groove of things and then WHAM! One quiz, a test, a paper, and lots of reading! It wasn’t that bad, but preparing for both my quiz and test had me spending a lot of time in the library. Trinity has a big library, not to mention that apparently there is a creepy section of the basement where they keep a lot of the really old books. So I’m averaging about four hours a day in the library, studying away in my little nook. I tried reading in one of the many softer chairs available in the library, turns out those are only conducive to a nice nap… so no more sitting in the comfy chairs for me!

The amount of work isn’t too bad, for most of my classes it is a lot of pre-reading. I take it day by day, pre-reading for the classes I have the next day. I find the system works for me, especially since my classes don’t start until 11 am. However, I found out shortly that if I don’t prep for class I wont understand! Part of my procrastination comes from the fact that the weather has been really nice, so when I can convince one of my friends to go with me we sit on the quad on a bench and just watch people walk by. It’s really funny watching people avoid stepping on the cursed plaque that if stepped on prevents you from graduating on time. The steps people take to avoid it are hilarious.

While I was out I snapped a picture of the Chapel, which is awe-inspiring and really really really old. So here is a picture of one of my favorite buildings on campus. Did I mention it has a working bell?!

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