Welcome to Trinity!

Admitted students: join us tonight from 7-8:30 pm for a live video chat with three current Trinity students. We’ll be there to answer all your questions! Hope you can join us, and welcome to Trinity!


Hartford has GREAT food

So yesterday, Abby and I went to Jays Restaurant on Washington Ave for dinner. She ordered salmon and potatoes, while I got the messiet Gyro and french fries ever. Of course, the food was as delicious as the interior of the restaurant would suggest. The waiter was also such a good spirited little man! We talked abou senior year, finding careers vs finding job, and the quintessential meaning of life. Then, we had dessert… chocolate mousse with whipped cream, topped with a blackberry. (Just the thought of it make my mouth water) IT WAS SO GOOD! I mean really, suddenly the music began to croon. Suddenly everyone dissapeared and we forgot to talk. Suddenly, the blueberry was gone. Lucky for us, the waiter was wiling to bring more blackberries in a target formation for use to devour. Then the magic started all over again. Needless to say, I only spent $17 and sacrificed my lactose intolerance for a moment. It was worth it.

So Abby, let’s do round two…..tomorrow?

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Trinity First: Piece of Apparel

In my drawer, I have hundreds of Trinity shirts from various events, and the most comfortable school-spirited sweatpants. It took some thinking to remember, but I’m pretty sure my FIRST piece of Trinity apparel was a gray zip up hoodie with white lettering on the front. I’m not sture when I got it, but my mom got a matching one to show off her parent pride. Currently, the letters are ghost-faded and wrists look well devoured with elastic springing out.

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Senior Dilemma: Growing Up

In case you didn’t know, graduation is May 20, 2012 and I am NOT ready. Mentally, I am excited to reach that milestone in life, but the logistics of growing up are not quite together yet. At this point, it will not be easy to explain my life dilemmas but I will try…

If you are interested in taking the teaching certification program at Saint Joseph College as a Trinity student, start making connections early. Although they have a certification office to keep track of students, you are pretty much on your own for the ground work between advisors, credit limits, registration, and even transportation for classes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of being a certified teacher by the end of the year, but it takes work to get there. Currently, I’m applying to scholarships for next fall because student teaching is worth 12 credits (4 at Trinity) and since I’ll be graduating in May, I will no longer be qualified for financial aid as an un-matriculated student. This is why I say start early if you know certification is the path for you. Now, I’m not sure if I should (1) continue in the program until May and defer student teaching, (2) complete the program and take out all the loans necessary for student teaching, which may be nearly $15,000, (3) discontinue in the program for next semester and take classes that are interesting, then start a fresh certification program at the graduate level, or (4) find a job instead of going to grad school at all. Perhaps these are the life dilemmas everyone faces as they come upon this bump in the journey of life, but its my first time here, and I’m stressed. What if I don’t get any supplimental scholarships to pay for certification? Even though I love Lesley University, what if I don’t get accepted? If I take out loans now, will that disqualify me for graduate school loans? The worst part is, I’m graduating on May 20 and I still have so many questions about where I’m going and how in the world will I get there alive….

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Trinity Firsts: Encountering President Jones

My first encounter with President Jones was for the Book Signing ceremony following Matricualtion.

When it was my turn to shake his hand and be in awe in his Presidential presence, he looked at me and said “Wow. you have great teeth. We should put you in a Crest commercial and make a profit!” Thanks sir. Even when he met my mom, the first thing he complimented on were her teeth, apparently seeing  a family resemblence. Little does he know that I had braces for several years to get these pearly whites in order…

In any case, I will never forget that first meeting with the President…

Or the second one, when he scolded me in Mather for devouring the slice of rich cholocate cake while the salad got second-hand attention. “I’m going to tell your mother. Eat that salad young lady,” he said in his great Presidential and southern accent.

Gotta love President Jones!

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Obsession with “American Horror Story”

Have you ever watched “American Horror Story” on FX? If your answer is ‘no’ then you are missing out on a valuable American experience. I LOVE THIS SHOW! Honestly, every wednesday night the world is put on hold until the episode is over. I think it is the drama major within me that is fascinated with the theatrics of creating a scary plot that holds an audience in suspense every week. After being completely obsessed this semester, I found out last night that next week’s episode is the season finale! NOOO! Ok so, if you don’t know what this show is about then let me explain and perhaps you should investigate the online episodes to prepare for season finale maddness.

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My First New Year’s Out

Usually for New Year’s Eve, I spend time with family during the day and watching the ball drop in NYC from home. There may be sparkling grape cider or there may be milk and cookies, but several times, I’ve fallen asleep past New Year’s. This is not OK. So, this year I decided to be out on the town, ringing in the New Year with fun rather than pajamas. The most epic part of the night was dancing in the street in Bushnell Park for Hartford’s First Night.

First Night in Hartford actually was a whole day event with music concerts, magis shows, crafts, face painting, and more at various locations downtown.  I wanted to take part in free ice skating, but completely forgot to wear socks. I wanted to ride Hartford’s famous carousel, but started getting dizzy just from watching the horses rise and fall in circular motion. Hence… me dancing in the street to a lazer show with friends until the 2012 countdown.

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Trinity First: Class

My first class at Trinity was…well I actually had to Google to find the real date for the start of classes in Fall 2008. In case you are wondering, it was Tuesday, September 2, according to the September issue of the Trinity College Bulletin. (what was this used for? I don’t know)

Looking back at my 4-year class mapping document entitled “My Master Plan,” I discovered that my seminar was my first class. (This document was created the Spring of my freshman year when scheduling classes for a double major in Studio Arts and Theater Dance, but has remained the template for how I organize my life, including summers.)

If you don’t know already, a First-Year Seminar is writing intensive instruction on how to become a college scholar. It is also your first group of friends (especially if you are not athletic… like me). InterArts is one of four gateway programs that lasted 3 semesters but got us priority placements into arts practicum classes. Now that I think of it, Professor Eric Galm was our leader in this first semester and I credit him for my interest in Hartford culture, samba music, and performance. We spent a lot of time acquainting ourselves with the arts in Hartford, especially since Trinity students get discounts or in free at several places. We ate at Brail Grill, were entertained by visiting artists (for example, learning Capoeira dance/martial arts on the main quad), and got an inside perspective to arts from professors (including Professor Pablo Delano, who had just published a book of photography called “In Trinidad”).

It was also because of InterArts that I got into an African dance class and decided that I would become a Theater major! I even remember our first-year mentor, but mostly I appreciate the real friendships I found in that group of artists.

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Teaching Diversity

Taking classes at Saint Joesph College really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Perhaps because I aspire to be a teacher, taking classes toward Elementary Teacher Certification is quite enjoyable. As a final project for one class, we were asked to create a 2-week unit plan on a topic/subject of our choosing. I chose to do a literary unit on a book called “The Skin I’m In” to introduce 4th grade students to ideas about diversity, self-identity, acceptance, and bullying/peer pressure. Of course we could only present 15 minutes of any 45 minute lesson to the class, but I think it went well. I got great feedback on what went well and what could be improved upon. It also brought up a new set of questions, as I look ahead to lesson planning and classroom interactions….

What topics are age appropriate? Is it ok to use grammatically incorrect, first person narratives, when teaching 4th graders? Is there another way to approach diversity awareness without it becoming a Black and White debate? In what setting is a topic like this going to be most impactful and successful?

Food for thought, I suppose.


It’s Custodian Appreciation Day!!

Every year the Office of Residential Life hosts a custodian appreciation coffee break or breakfast. This year we had a breakfast to thank each of our custodians with thank you cards signed by campus residents, raffle prizes of all kinds, and a guest appearance from Banty the Bantam!

It amazes me how giving custodians are of their time and energy so I love helping out with this day of gratitude in any way possible and being there to see their faces when they receive goodies first thing in the morning.

Check out the pictures I took of the celebration this morning…

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