Trinity’s Best Kept Secrets

Some of the most beautiful spots on campus can be hard to find. Here, I am sharing some of my favorite nooks and crannies that I have found over the years…

Whoever can guess the locations to all of the pictures will be the featured cameo in my next post!

Hint: a few of the photos are in the same location.

About kvansick

About me: I love to talk Trinity. Having graduated last May, I suppose it’s no surprise I’m still here in Hartford, starting my career engaging alums. I grew up in Princeton, New Jersey with my parents and younger brother, but am becoming increasingly comfortable in the “Hart beat”. Trinity is special because of its combination of talented faculty, intimate size, and handsome campus. I feel so lucky to be here now, viewing Trinity from an administrative perspective, and getting to meet the fascinating people that comprise our pool of alumni. Trinity students are given the freedom and the tools to flourish into their best selves and I am privileged to meet with them at this time in their lives. This blog will chronicle my visits across the eastern seaboard meeting alums and hearing their stories!
On Campus

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