My 10 Favorite Things at Trinity

We’ve hit the 40-day mark people! That’s right, in less than 6 weeks the class of 2013 graduates.

As I look back at my Trinity career there are a couple of things that really stand out (in no particular order):

1) Spring Weekend – See more at

2) Homecoming – Football + Friends = Fun.

3) Midnight Breakfast – Before finals we all migrate from the library to Mather Dining Hall to enjoy some much needed pancakes, eggs, etc. P.S. The food is served by faculty and staff.

5) The variety of classes – I’ve literally taken classes ranging from Creative Writing to Chemistry and everything in between.

6) Our Alumni Network – They are always more than happy to help, which is definitely a relief!

7) Waking up everymorning to an amazing view – The Chapel, the Longwalk, the Quad…need I say more?

8 ) There’s always TONS to do outside of class – Cultural Houses, sports, clubs, various other organizations…really anything you can think of you can do!

9) The people – I mean duhhh, that’s a given!

10) The fact that our mascot is a ‘fierce chicken’

Fear the Chicken!

Fear the Chicken!


Welcome Class of 2017!


A Liberal Arts Education: Poetic Bantams

I’m fortunate to say that I’ve been able to take two classes with Professor Ciaran Berry ( Professor Berry led my First-Year Seminar,  American Dystopia and now, almost four years later, I’m enrolled in his Creative Writing course. Starting and ending my Trinity career with the poet powerhouse seems like the only logical thing to do. Duh.

Moreover, this experience reaffirms the diversity of a liberal arts education. As someone who has taken a class in close to every department (sorry Music & Fine Arts, maybe next time) I’ve studied everything from neurological synapses, empirical derivatives, the 1960s, etc. and now, with the help of Professor Berry, poetry.  And may I just say, poetry is much more difficult than I anticipated. So much so that my three roommates take perhaps too much delight in reading my work for a quick giggle. Keats I’m not…duh 2x.

Welp, YOTO a.k.a You Only Trin Once so you might as well try out as much as possible while you still can.

And now for your viewing pleasure and a good laugh here is one of my first attempts at poetry…ever.  Get jazzed. Oh and suprise, surprise it tackles pop culture #Predictable  #WatchOutForSarcasm

Poet #1: When Culture Pops

You know we’d have 99 problems but a deficit ain’t one                                                             if Beyonce were to ‘run the world’                                                                                                  and Jay Z was her second-in-command.

Then Kanye West would become Chairman of the Federal Reserve,                            because unlike Ben Bernanke,                                                                                                                he’s in fact saying she’s a gold digger.

Our constitution would provide certain inalienable rights                                                          but only when you’re Keeping Up With The Kardashians.                                                                      We hold these truths to be self-evident and spray tanned.

Our Declaration of Independence would grant                                                                                    all the single ladies the right to put their hands up,                                                                      and the equal opportunity to live in the suburbs of Rack City.

We’d all be in sync by listening to N’sync,                                                                                    worshiping the Holy Trinity of                                                                                                                Lindsey, Britney, and [insert latest ‘it-girl’ here].

Rihanna would be our nation’s weather girl,                                                                                    telling when take out our umbrella-ella-ay-ay.                                                                                    Or we could just keep calm and google it.

We’d exist on Drake’s 24-hour champagne diet,                                                                      and have a Party in the USA with Miley Cyrus,                                                                      feeling so fly like a G6.

Our Bad Romances with Lady Gaga,                                                                                                  who said she’d call me maybe (likely story,)                                                                                     would be documented by Taylor Swift.

Each of us would be a member of ‘The Real World,’                                                        providing the necessary fodder                                                                                                                for the Church of Our Lord and Savior Reality TV.

Maybe this is unlikely and I’m just a material girl,                                                                      living in a material world of my own imagination                                                                      …but am I?


Needless to say, doing homework can actually be fun.


Life After College

Class of 2013 Graduation Invitations

Class of 2013 Graduation Invitations

Eight weeks from tomorrow (03/24/13) is graduation and because of which my average day is broken up as such:

10%  – Generally freaking out that the past 4 years have gone by in a flash.

40% – Going to class and working on my thesis. Wahoo!

50% – Looking for a job a.k.a this Bantam will not be living in her parent’s fictitious basement after college.

I’m essentially obsessed with figuring out my post grad plans. Shocking, I know. (Although it’s hard to fathom life after Trinity but it does exist…and we have tons of successful alumni to prove it!)  Luckily, we have an AMAZING, but actually AMAZING Career Development Center that makes this often overwhelming process more bearable. Seriously though, Kacey Agnew and Heather Hodge are literally the most patient, compassionate, friendly – shall I continue? -career service masterminds and are beyond helpful. Kacey, Heather, and the rest of the CDC gang are always available to meet up with students to work on resumes, cover letters, interview skills, networking, everything really. Plus, the CDC puts on TONS of events to meet alumni, explore different industries, or pretty much anything else they think could be at all useful. You’ll find out rather quickly that this whole process of becoming an adult, etc., can sometimes be anxiety provoking, so don’t be afraid to ask for some extra support! You can find more information on all that at:

As you can probably imagine my experience with the CDC, especially Kacey, has been awesome. I meet with her once a week, which is not necessarily the norm but exceedingly helpful for my job search. Although I don’t have a definitive post grad plan yet (a.k.a nothing is official until you sign the dotted line) I have approximately 30+ applications out and have or will be interviewing with 15+ companies. So, I’d say things are going well all in all.

In case you were curious (or, better yet want to hire this particularly accomplished, hardworking, charismatic co-ed…just putting that out there) I’m most interested in public relations, brand management, and other communications-based industries. Fingers crossed!

Lastly for some comic relief:  Enjoy!






Trinity Days!

We recently (February 28th – March 3rd) had everyone’s favorite, Trinity Days. Officially speaking  “the college is in session, but regular classes are not help,” translating into a period where students work on midterms, theses, job applications, and other similarly riveting activities. Alas, don’t fret, as Trinity Days also provide the opportunity to get off campus and go home for some much needed R&R.

This go around (a.k.a my last Trinity Days ever….ahhhh #SeniorYear) I went up to Boston with my roommate *Devon. After dedicating our entire Thursday to homework (#StudiousBantam #WeStillNeedToGraduate) we were left with three whole days to essentially gallivant around one of my favorite cities. Long story short: Bantams maintain a really good balance between work and play. (I know I took a circuitous route on that one but just go with it.)

We (sort of) Found Bantams in Boston Gardens! ...Use your imagination.

We (sort of) Found Bantams in Boston Gardens! ...Use your imagination.


*Humble brag time => Devon recently got into law school! Yay!


Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day!

I’m a bit late on this one but Happy Valentine’s Day nonetheless! I mean who doesn’t love a day full of chocolate (yum), flowers (awww), and general sentimentality (awww 2x). Trinity’s campus was a flutter with monochromatic candies and an abundance of Bantam love. Your Trinity friends quite literally become your family so its’ only natural that we wholeheartedly (#punny) celebrate this usually clichéd Hallmark holiday.

Happy Valentine's Day from us Bantams!

Happy Valentine's Day from us Bantams!

This past Thursday our campus was inundated with various (appropriately) themed shindigs, Valentones (singing Valentines’ from our all-girls a cappella group the Trinitones), and the rare opportunity for secret admirers to express themselves through numerous pastel knick-knacks, among other heartwarming moments (cue the ooohs and awwws). In addition to the all-important (and exceedingly necessary) Valentine’s Day package from my parents, my commemoration of that little guy in the diaper (a.k.a cupid) included a “Roomie Night.” Translation: My friends and I exchanged gifts and enjoyed each other’s company. Then, after meeting up with a bunch of other friends, we proceeded to essentially gallivant around downtown Hartford adorned in hearts, glitter (obviously), and arguably every shade of pink. Be. Jealous.

My roommate Elizabeth and one of her Valentines'

My roommate Elizabeth and one of her Valentines'

p.s. This definitely makes my list of Top-15 moments at Trinity. #SeniorYearShenanigans


Snow Day!

Trinity College Covered in Snow

The Long Walk

Weekends at Trinity

Curious about what type of things we do on the weekends? Well, here’s a look at this past weekend’s schedule. (Disclaimer: These are just some of MANY activities and general Trinanigens offered.)


Welcome Back…Again!

And we’re back in action. Alas, winter break is over and we Trin kids are back for our second semester. For some, myself included, this spring semester marks our final few months as undergrad students. Oy to the Vey. Word of advice: Try to avoid asking college seniors what they’re doing next year. Odds are they have just as much of an idea as you do and are drowning in #racksonracksonracks…of applications. Wahoo. Back to the point – to help us resume our Bantam Style ways the Trinity College Entertainment Committee, more lovingly known as ‘the Barnyard,’ threw our annual Welcome Back Again dance.

And let the nostalgia begin in 3….2….1…thundercats agooooo!



Homecoming 2012!

Homecoming 2012!