Summer Days


On a hot summer day like today, who wouldn’t want a delicious scoop of ice cream? Well, I encountered this pleasant surprise as I walked across campus today. The ice cream truck was parked on The Gates quad this afternoon, serving ice cream to all the impressively dressed campers walking by(today was super hero day). Needless to say, this made my day.

Taking a Bow

It has been a while since my last post, I have been basking in my first few months as a Trinity graduate and swimming in excitement for the new adventures that lie ahead. The first thing I did after graduation was walk across the “hallowed plaque” multiple times; back and forth, back and forth. It felt amazing to no longer have to avoid it, and to finally share this tradition with thousands of other Trinity graduates, solidifying my successful completion of four years here.



With four years under my belt and my diploma in hand I could not be more ready to take on the big bad world. I can’t wait to start my new job, educating young minds in a discipline I have grown to love during my time at Trinity. Who would have thought a young girl from Zimbabwe would come to America, learn Chinese, spend a semester in Shanghai, and grow so passionate about the language that she would have a desire to teach it to other students? I certainly did not see this in my future when I was 18 years old and applying to colleges. Trinity has changed my trajectory in life and exposed me to things I never dared to dream were possible and I feel ready now; ready to grow more, and explore what the world has to offer me in years to come. To those of you in the Class of 2018 good luck in your endeavors at Trinity. It will soon be time for you to embark on your own journey ‘neath the elms, sharing in all the traditions that generations before you have already experienced. And to those of you still deciding if Trinity is the place for you, I hope my story ignites a desire for you to pursue an undergraduate career here.

Spring is finally here…

spring quadA wonderful spring day on campus; 70 degrees and sunny and the quad was buzzing. I took this at 6pm, the quad had cleared out a little, but a few of us stuck around. This is a glimpse of what your time would be like at Trinity, we don’t just take picnic blankets out on to the quad, we take our furniture too, and make a day of it.

Being a Student Athlete

It’s my last year as an athlete here and the women’s teams just got the most amazing new locker rooms. This is a sneak peak into the Track and Field women’s team room. The best part is we are allowed to keep our name plates once we graduate.

photo 1
Two weeks ago our team headed to Boston for our last indoor championship meet before the kick off of the Spring season. Being an athlete photo 2has given me some of the best memories of my four years at Trinity, and I’m sure going to miss running with all my best friends. I hope you will be lucky enough to be a part of something this wonderful during your time at Trinity.


IMG_2981Trinity has a lot of traditions. I walked past the plaque on the Long Walk today and almost stood on it. Thank goodness I didn’t, but it prompted me to take this snap shot. The tradition/superstition is: if as a matriculated student, you step on the plaque, you will not graduate in 4 years. Ominous, I know, but don’t let this scare you, just a little bantam tradition.


Spring Time




The snow is finally melting, and I couldn’t be more excited for spring to come. Stay tuned for a sneak peak of Trinity in the spring time, when everything is green again, and we are all doing homework on the quad and playing frisbee whenever we can.

My Internship Experience

Wow, it seems like a million years ago that I Interned at DeNA China (a mobile gaming company in Shanghai China). While I was studying abroad in Shanghai on one of our fantastic programs, I was fortunate enough to work as an intern at a fast growing mobile gaming company. I would love to share some of my experiences with you.

049 (2)

This was my last day in the office. I get a little nostalgic thinking about how every afternoon at 1pm, without fail, my whole team would walk to a nearby restaurant and eat a meal together like a family. I learnt most of my Chinese during lunch hour when my colleagues would teach me all the colloquial terms that they use in everyday life.

050 (2)




This is a picture of my office. I walked in every morning to all this hustle and bustle, and often left everyone still working when I clocked out.




I couldn’t believe I had my own desk and computer, I was given more responsibilities than I could imagine, and I felt like a part of the team. I even took some time to make my desk look a little more like my own by doodling my name on a post it and sticking it to my monitor.




This was probably one of may favourite features in the office. DeNA took up four floors in the building, and in the atrium of every floor there was either a pool table or a foosball table. Occasionally we would take a break as a team, and head out to the atrium to blow off some steam.

My home away from home

Before I came to Trinity, flying across the Atlantic to go to college was the most daunting undertaking I could ever fathom. In retrospect, I laugh at myself for being so afraid because I couldn’t have come to a more welcoming place than Trinity.

The International House (iHouse) soon became my favourite place on campus; not only did it provide a safe haven for me and other international students on campus, but it also helped integrate us into American life and culture. I love being a part of the iHouse! Almost every week we host an event where we take the opportunity to teach people about where we are from, share food with friends, and sometimes just get together to watch a movie.

These are some pictures from the iHouse “Discover the World” event that we hosted last fall. All the international students lined up on the Long Walk during homecoming, showed off our flags and shared a little bit about the food and culture of our home countries. Many people stopped and sampled dishes from Ethiopia, Peruvian delicacies, Congolese beverages, and the like.

So to all the international students out there I say, ‘leaving home may seem inconceivable to you right now, but know that there are people that are always happy to make you feel more at home.’

A Day in a Wheelchair

Trinity College_Day in a Wheelchair

Day in a Wheelchair

I am in an Independent Study film class taught by my computer science advisor this year. It has been a fun experience, especially for someone like me who had no background in film at all. We have done a lot of creative work; both scripted and non scripted, but my favourite assignment has to be the documentary everyone in the class worked on for the “Day in a Wheelchair” event that was held right here on our campus.

In an effort to help the organizers of the event, we offered to follow all the participants around and capture footage of them around campus, as they struggled through the few hours they had to experience a day in the life of someone who is wheelchair bound. At the end of the day we interviewed the participants and discovered what they found difficult about their day; it was refreshing to finally hear some open dialogue about disability rights.

I love that Trinity students are going out of their way to do extraordinary things like this. People always have the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves as students are always raising awareness about pressing issues that need to be discussed in our daily lives. Everywhere I turn someone is doing something awesome, and I am happy I was able to play a small part.

Watch the film I made and by following this link, and you’ll get a small glimpse of the work Trinity students are doing on a daily basis.

My Semester in Shanghai

I studied abroad in Shanghai for a semester during the fall of my junior year. I can’t believe how quickly those three and a half months flew by. It was like a dream: I practiced my Chinese every day and grew in leaps and bounds on a daily basis, I made tons of new friends from all walks of life, I acquired a new appreciation of something as simple as tea, and how it has so many healing properties.

A traditional tea ceremony in China looked something like this: tea ceremony

I remember my first time ever riding the subway, I had never been on one before, and it was surprisingly easy to navigate; I didn’t even get lost.


I always thought all dumplings looked like the ones you got from your local Chinese take-out restaurant. Imagine my surprise when I discovered these: dumplings These are the most delicious soup dumplings I ever had. They are dripping with perfectly seasoned soup that you can slowly sip out threw the straw. This is one of the best ways to eat a dumpling, I’m drooling right now thinking about all the traditional Chinese food I am missing out on.

I thought I wouldn’t have as much time to travel as I hoped, but I had so much travel time and was able to explore China in ways I never imagined possible. Manfredo (my really good friend) and I visited the Terracotta warriors, a sight so magnificent I couldn’t believe it had been buried away for so many years.terracotta warriors
Now you can understand why I marveled at the site.

I’m back at Trinity now, and am forever grateful that they started the Shanghai program when they did. I fell in love with the city and can’t wait to return.