New Year, New You: The Opportunity To “Re-brand”

Although some may argue that it’s technically the fourth week of school, others might contend that the new school year is still incredibly fresh. With the myriad of organizations that underwent the club fair in order to recruit new members, with the culmination of rush week, and the end of the Student Government campaigns and votes casted by the student body, the initial dust of this academic year is finally about to settle: it is officially safe to say that students here at Trinity College are about to establish their official fall semester routines.

Regardless of class year, individuals of a variety of ages have signed up to take on new responsibilities as the year finally sets into full swing. As a multitude of students undergo the opportunity to further integrate themselves within the Trinity community and enhance their collegiate involvement, what many people neglect to consider is the fact that the organizations themselves are also in the process of shifting in order to amalgamate to changes that this new school year has already presented. Students who have been previously affiliated with specific organizations have been planning and strategizing over the summer as well as these first few weeks of school regarding how they are going to run their groups this year. Since the Class of 2016’s depart this past spring, new leadership positions have been assumed, and the opportunity to “re-brand” an organization is ever-present.

As a member of E.A.C. Barnyard Entertainment, the programming committee for the Student Government Association, the planning never seems to cease, which is perhaps why this organization is one of my favorite facets of my Trinity involvement. Barnyard plans events for the entire student body: from concerts to stress busters during midterms and finals, the swath of activities that we both plan and put on is extensive. Although it is a lot of hard work, there is nothing more gratifying then seeing a large sector of Trinity’s student body all coming together to enjoy a large-scale event.

Currently, we are in the process of planning Trintoberfest, which is our small version of Germany’s Oktoberfest. Every year, we design t-shirts for the event, organize catering that is reflexive of the actual German event’s tradition, and give out a variety of free goods while everyone gathers on the main quad and enjoys music and fraternizing. In addition to this form of a “fall fest,” we also organize other big events, such as a 70s-themed Roller Disco, and our annual Spring Weekend concert, which a variety of people are already eagerly waiting for.

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