Six Defining Factors of a #TrinCollFall

Six Defining Factors of a #TrinCollFall

In addition to packing our summer whites away, shorts have been shipped back home, and sandals have slid to the back of our priority lists. Welcome to fall at TrinColl! But just because the air is a tad bit brisker, and the sun is setting more swiftly, doesn’t mean that the excitement on campus isn’t still heating up!

  • Pumpkin Spiced Lattes or Apple Cider at Peter B’s

No one wants to admit that they’re “basic.” However, the PSLs and the Apple Cider at Peter B’s are both addictive and unavoidable – purchase at your own risk! There’s no better way to caffeinate or catch up with a professor or friends than by trying one of these fall favorites. If pumpkin isn’t your primary pick, they have everything from vanilla and hazelnut to white chocolate mocha (my newest discoveries include White Orchid and Bombay Chai).

  • Foliage on the Quad

Although most students are currently away for “Trinity Days,” upon our return after this long Columbus Day Weekend, the fall foliage will be in full effect. The ground will be littered with leaves maintaining red, yellow, orange, and brown hues. Instagram’s will abound with chapel pics including the foliage, so be sure to tag yours with #trincoll in order to show off your photographic prowess. Nowhere is this fall fluctuation more prevalent than on the main quad, where the Elm trees will turn from green to yellow, showering the grass with piles of golden leaves.

  • Fall Sports

Regardless of whether or not you’re the most athletic person on the planet, or if you’ve never seen a live sports game in your life, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to embrace athleticism on Trinity’s campus. And there’s no better time to do it than in the fall while surrounded by beautifully colored leaves (see number two for a description) and while sipping a hot beverage (see number one for some suggestions). From field hockey to football, the fall sports season is in full swing, which means our teams are extra-amped for the audience members that come to support them.

To read more about sports at Trinity, and to see sports schedules, follow this link.

Speaking of football…

  • Homecoming

There is nothing that brings a greater buzz to Trinity than the opportunity for Alumni to flock back to campus for the annual homecoming festivities. Whether you’re a recent grad or graduated decades prior, most “bants” fly back to the coop for a time to walk down memory lane. This year, in addition to a series of events sponsored by Campaign for Community, along with the potential to revive some old Trinity traditions, the football team will not only be hosting homecoming on a *new* turf field, but they will also be facing one of our main rivals: Amherst.

  • Fall Artistic and Musical Opportunities

If you’re more of a thespian than an athlete, have no fear – Trinity is as much immersed in the arts as it is in its athletic opportunities! In addition to a fall dance performance on October 21-22 at 7:30 p.m., Trinity’s fall play titled The Laramie Project premiers November 17-19, at 7:30 p.m. Both of these events take place at Goodwin Theater in the Austin Arts Center. In addition to these two fall arts events, there are a myriad of fall a cappella concerts, some of which are even Halloween-themed!

  • The Emergence of Trinity Apparel

Let’s face it – despite a couple of hopeful seventy-degree days, it isn’t getting any warmer here in New England. But regardless of summer’s slippage into the backs of our minds, this creates the wonderful opportunity to don some Trinity apparel. From hoodies, long-sleeves, and baseball caps, to beanies, quarter-zips, and scarves, the bookstore has a *new* selection of gear to help you show off your Trin pride.

To order some apparel, follow this link.

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