Useful Apps for Trinity Students

Being a college student can be hard sometimes. After all, you have to keep track of homework, class, and keep up a social life. At least we have technology to help us deal with the daily college life. As a Trinity Student, you will be using these couple of apps often since they will become useful.

Tapingo– Are you hungry? Well this app comes very useful considering that it lets you order food from Trinity locations AND IT WAITS IN LINE FOR YOU. Once your order is ready, you will receive a text letting you know that you can go pick up your food! This time does not only feed you but it also saves you time, and as a college student, time is one of the most precious resources.

GrubHub– Say you don’t want food from the Bistro or the Cave. Well Grub Hub allows you to order food for delivery from various restaurants around Hartford. So order Sushi to your heart’s desire.

Banking App– Most Banks have apps that let you access your accounts and let you transfer money. Download this apps to keep track of your spending and your saving. By managing your finances through your bank app, you won’t be fitting into the “broke college student” stereotype.

Uber/Lyft– Need to get to meeting off Campus? None of your friends can give you a ride because they are in class? Well this app lets you travel around Hartford since you pay a small fee to share a ride with someone. This is a great app for moving around when you do not have a car on campus. You also do not have to worry about parking thanks to this app.

Venmo– Sometimes your friends might pay for your food or you might need to rent out equipment for a club. This app lets you transfer money to the person that needs it. This way you don’t have to deal with pesky cash since you send it directly from your bank account.

Amazon– Are you browsing some water guns to prank your roommate? Maybe you need a nice dress for a formal? Well the Amazon app lets you buy any of these things and have them deliver to campus. This is a convenient way of shopping and browsing.

YikYak– when you want to know what fellow bantams think about events going on on campus, you will be using Yik Yak. This lets people post anonymously and share their thoughts around campus. Sometimes you will be laughing at a random joke and other times you will be engaging in political discussions with a random stranger.

GroupMe– GroupMe is a great app for group texting. You will be using this app to talk to fellow club members about scheduling a meeting. The app can also be used for gooning around with your group or friends since you can send each other memes.

Netflix– When you are done with all your homework, you will want to unwind. What better way to unwind than to binge watch Stranger Things? Use this app to watch various tv shows or movies. Warning: Use app responsibly.

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