Safety in Hartford

Safety in Hartford

Recently, I was helping a prospective student find his way around campus. He commented on how beautiful campus was and his mother was asking questions. One of the questions she asked, and one that is a source of worry for many parents is, “How safe is campus?” and “Do you feel safe on campus?” My immediate response was that I always feel safe on campus, and Trinity does everything in their power to make this the safest campus for its students. However, her question made me think about what makes this campus feel so safe?

Our campus and our direct community have gone above and beyond in creating a safe campus within an urban environment. Every student on campus is extremely protected by the trained campus police (Campo) specifically hired to look after Trinity’s campus and Trinity students. They understand the Trinity scene and the culture of the school, and they are there not to get anyone in trouble, but instead to make sure that every student on our campus is taken care of when needed, and protected at all times.

In a recent email to the student body, the school informed us that even more precautions were going to be taken to protect us from any potential harm, even (and especially) unforeseen harms. They have hired more Hartford Police officers to be stationed on campus on the weekend when the most students are out on the outskirts of campus. They have increased the training of the current Campo officers, and they have developed a new and improved staffing matrix for incoming recommendations. They are conducting building audits to make sure that each building on campus is a safe as possible for students, and they have required certain events to hire outside (and professional) staff at the door to make sure every event is entirely Trinity students only. They have increased awareness about activities happening around campus, and they are in the process of preparing electronic alert devices for campus that will immediately alert campo when a student is in need of assistance. With each passing year, campus becomes safer, and Trinity takes continuous precautions to keep it that way.

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