Africa Represents: 11th Trinity International Hip Hop Festival (April 2016)

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As far as performances, Kenya’s Cosmic Homies, graced the main stage to get the crowd in a frenzy before headliner, Rakim Allah, showed what it is really like to move the crowd. Tanzania was also show a lot of love with Guest Speakers, Mama C, the former Black Panther and co-Director of a community center in Arusha and Mic Crenshaw of the Afrikan Hip Hop Caravan as well as a photo exhibit and panel discussion on the history of graffiti in Tanzania featuring Mejah Mbuya, Kool Koor and Prof. Seth Markle.

Mama C
Mama C


Meet Trinity’s newest scholar of African religion


Tim Landry is a socio-cultural anthropologist working in the larger West African religious world which includes Africa, the African Americas, and an emerging Afro-Europe. Having worked with Vodún and Orisa worshipers in Bénin (West Africa) and practitioners of Vodou in Haiti and Lucumi (Santería) in the United States, he is especially interested in the ways that West African religions move about the globe while retaining their local vibrancy even as they harness international appeal. His current research attends to the ways in which the transnationalization of Vodún (Bénin), including the formation of new “occult economies,” markets, and neoliberal networks, is encouraged by international spiritual tourism.


Global Africa Workshop @ Rutger’s University


Two events about workers, rebels, dreamers and the world they’ve made


American Studies at Trinity College presents GLOBAL HISTORY FROM BELOW

Events are free and open to the public

12:10-1:30pm – PEOPLE’S POETRY/ PEOPLE’S HISTORY, Mather Hall, Washington Room
Martín Espada and Marcus Rediker have spent their careers exploring the lives of workers, rebels, and dreamers, the very people neglected from top-down versions of history. By emphasizing the history-making power of everyday people and the poetry inspired by their struggles, these writers powerfully engage social movements from below. Through conversation and poetry readings, Rediker and Espada will describe the intersections of people’s poetry and people’s history. Christina Heatherton will moderate the conversation.

4:30-6:45 pm – GHOSTS OF AMISTAD, Cinestudio
After writing The Amistad Rebellion, historian Marcus Rediker returned to Sierra Leone to trace the African journey of the Amistad rebels. Ghosts of Amistad: In the Footsteps of the Rebels is an award-winning chronicle of that trip. By returning to the rebels’ home villages and speaking with local elders, workers, and teachers, Rediker and his team reconstruct a submerged history in the struggle against slavery. Ghosts of Amistad is a forceful account of global history from below. World-renowned poet Martín Espada will open with a short poetry reading. A discussion with Marcus Rediker moderated by Christina Heatherton will follow the film.