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Developing Research Skills

When it came to enrolling in classes for the fall term I was perplexed. I was unsure about what classes I might be interested in taking. I signed up for a American National Government class and was lucky enough to get in. In the past I have enjoyed learning about how the federal government operates.

American National Government was a fantastic class. I really enjoyed each class. The class covered different areas of our government. The course work was interesting and relevant to how our government functions. My professor was extremely passionate about what she was teaching, which motivated me to be prepare for each class knowing she would ask us what we thought about certain issues. Professor Williamson did a tremendous job involving the class in her lectures, she was very organized and prepared detailed power points.

From the many essays I had to write for American National Government, I worked on how I introduced and included research into my argument. In this class, I focused on incorporating outside information to support my argument. This technique of including research in my argument doesn’t just solely apply to social studies courses but can be applicable to a wide variety of subjects.

Topics we covered were:

  • The structure of the national government
  • political parties functions
  • separation of powers
  • judicial branch
  • executive branch
  • legislative branch

After getting positive feedback from my professor, I have enrolled in a few other public policy and law courses, which parallels my desire to learn about law and the government. I hope these class that I will be taking in the spring will expand my knowledge of the federal government.