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Exploring the Past

 While taking a reading and rhetoric class, I was able to reflect and write about my youth and how it influenced my perspective. After moving away from Paris, I haven’t given much thought about how my experiences living abroad affected my outlook as an adult. The topic we had discuss was how the literal act of walking shapes our identity. In my essay I explored how walking in Paris helped me assimilate into the Parisian community. It was nostalgic to reflect back on the many memories I have while living in France. After thinking about the direction I wanted to take I discovered that I had a lot to say about my time living in Europe and how it shaped my personality.

After getting a positive feedback from my professor, she suggested that I might want to try and incorporate my European upbringing in future essay where it could be applicable.

I discovered after finishing my essay that I work best when I am writing about something that is personal and close to me. I enjoy writing about topics that interest me.

Experience in France