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Job Experience

It was the summer after I graduated high school. My mother was urging me to find employment. I applied to a few clothing stores, restaurants, and lastly a frozen yogurt chain called Peachwave.

After meeting with the manager of Peachwave, I decided that I would really enjoy working as a cashier and it provided good experience dealing with customers. I developed a bond with the manager as we attended the same church.

The skills I gained while working at Peachwave were customer interaction, dealing with money, accounting, and overseeing daily operations. Despite the position of cashier, I took it upon myself to be a sort of a manager and oversee the business operations as a whole.

While working at Peachwave, I  applied myself to accomplishing the best possible work I could do. I was really motivated to improve the store. I worked at Peachwave for about 2 month before I had to depart for college.