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Preparation for Baseball

In the fall of senior in high school I was late in contacting coaches at prospective schools. This tardiness set me behind in terms of my ability to get recruited for baseball.

After reaching out to a few schools and getting substantial offers from institutions, that I wasn’t really interested in attending, decided that I might try my luck as a walk on at Trinity.I will tryout for the baseball team in February.¬†

Trinity was my top choice school and to hear back from the coach that he used all his recruitments spots on other player was disappointing news. After being told that I would need to tryout I began the process of working to improve, both physically and mentality for the challenges ahead.

As a walk on I was not given anything. I have to do everything on my own. I enjoy being the underdog, I always felt dismissed and unnoticed. I enjoy a good challenge and am working out to the best of my ability to prepare for the season. Mentality and preparation is the key to almost everything. If you can envision yourself succeeding then you will accomplish what you desire.