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Skills that are applicable beyond the pitch

Skills that are applicable beyond the pitch

The “pitch” can have many different connotations and meaning depending on where you grew up. Americans think of the pitch as the literal action of throwing a baseball, but I grew up in Europe so pitch refers to a football “soccer” field.

I began playing club soccer once I arrived on campus, a friend of mine recommend trying out for the club soccer team, and I did. Out of the fifty players to tryout the club soccer team, which has no affiliation with the varsity mens soccer team, they took twenty players for the roster. I was one of them. I immediately began introducing myself to the guys on the team, and getting to know them.

In the fall season we played against Wesleyan, Brown, Yale, Conn college, Army, and the coast guard.

While on the pitch players learn to cooperate with one another and build team chemistry. Team chemistry is crucial for any team sport because you develop a certain rapport with your teammates that allows you to play with a certain confidence and knowledge of what certain players are capable of. Team chemistry also allows you to rely on one another rather than worrying about certain games or situations. Team work is the foundation for any successful business, organization, team, club, or program.

Over the winter the club soccer team has been practicing twice a week indoors. It’s a great opportunity to get exercise and enjoy the pleasure of the game.

Team work or chemistry allows that group of individuals to perform at their absolute best.

The skills of getting along with your teammates and building team chemistry can be easily applicable to any business or organization.