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Volunteer Work

Over the past summer I volunteered at the historical society in my town. The historical society I volunteered at has primary source documents that cover evolution of the town of Weston Ct. The purpose of a historical society is to document important events that take place in a town, like elections of majors, significant fires, and alarming or interesting news regarding the town. A historical society is very similar to a museum.

My advisor at the historical society tasked me to reorganize the entire artifact section of the museum. This task was not easy by any measure.

I would volunteer twice a week for about 6 hours shifts. Each shift began with my advisor giving me an assignment to organize a certain section of the museum and then I would slowly force myself to work. My advisor would set me up in this vault they had that kept all the documents at a certain temperature, and I would be tasked to look through sections and organize each set of documents based on different factors. This required me to read through each document. Reorganizing old artifacts was a unpleasureable grind.  

This experience volunteering at the historical society taught me to be patient and make good on a commitment. At the beginning of the summer I told myself that I would spend a good part of my summer volunteering and helping others. I came very close to giving up on volunteering but reminded myself of the commitment I made with myself and my advisor to aid her.