Thank you, High School Senior Research Paper

My senior year of high school, our entire grade was required to take Humanities, a class that involved lots of reading, writing, an internship, and one big senior exiting research paper. Right before Christmas break, my teacher, Mr. Barton, told us to write down our top three job choices for our future. He prompted us with the idea to think about the classic question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I have always been interested in an plethora of activities, but never truly thought about what field of work I wanted to go into. Speaking with my mom one day, she asked me to give her two things I liked, or was interested in. My answer was medicine and babies. So, I went from there. My top choice for my list was OB/GYN, and from there my internship and my paper followed suite. I was able to intern with a family friend who was an OB/GYN and see what it was like to be a doctor first hand through early morning surgeries, daily clinical rounds, and the schedule cesarian section of twins. In order to graduate, we had to write a research paper dealing with some area that concerned our internship, if possible. This paper is where it all began. With this paper I realized how much I actually enjoyed medicine; I found how interested I truly was in learning more about women and children’s health. Three years and probably around 100 papers later, this research paper on Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth: How Can We Raise Home Birth Rates in Louisiana? is still one that makes me proud to look back on. Although every time re-read it I realize how much I hope my writing has improved, it is also a simple reminder of where the path I have been paving since I entered Trinity College began.

Humanities Research Paper