Tupac’s Tattoos


The first class you truly pick at Trinity is your freshman year seminar. Forget about fighting to get into economics 101, first year biology, or that one class you need as a pre-requisite for the rest of your potential major, the tone of your freshman year starts with your seminar. To my good fortune, I was accepted into my seminar of choice: Elvis, Billie, and Tupac. Taught by Professor Waldu, I did not exactly know what I was getting into, but the class was and still is one of the coolest I have taken at Trinity. As my first writing intensive class, Professor Waldu made sure to live up to it’s name, never letting us get by with a subpar paper, but always making sure to let us know how to improve. When the semester came to an end, it was time for the final. Instead of putting the prompt of a 10 page paper on our laps, Professor Waldu wanted to see our creative juices combine with the knowledge we’d gained about Billie Holiday, Elvis Presley, and Tupac Shakur, three pinnacle artists of their time and genre, by letting us choose the who, what, and how of our final project. Coming together as six students who did not know each other too well, we put our minds together to think outside of the box. My eclectic group chose to focus on Tupac. Known mostly for his genuine yet controversial lyrics, and involvement in the feud between the East and West Coast rappers, Tupac wore his life and heart on his sleeve. Literally, his tattoos told his story. Thus, in presentation that was one of the most interesting to create, and still one of my favorites to look back on, we told the story of his tattoos.

Tupac’s Tattoos Prezi