Current member institutions and institutional representatives

Allegheny College
Linda DemeritProvost & Dean of the College
Terrance BenselAssociate Provost & Director of the Gateway
Barbara ShawAssistant Professor of Women’s Studies
Valerie A. GuerreroAssistant Director  of the Center for Intercultural Advancement & Student Success
Barnard College Michell Tollinchi-MichelDirector of ASEP Academic Success and Enrichment Programs
Avis Hinkson, Dean of the College
Linda A. Bell, Provost and Dean of Faculty
Bates College Leslie HillAssociate Professor of Politics
Megan Taft, Interim Co-Director, Office of Intercultural Education, Program Coordinator
Bryn Mawr College Vanessa Christman, Assistant Dean & Director of Leadership and Community Development
Stephanie Nixon, Director of Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion
Bucknell University  Bridget Newell, Associate Provost for Diversity
Clark University Mary-Ellen BoyleAssociate Provost and Dean of the College
Mounira Morris, Assistant Dean of Students for ALANA Student Support
Claremont McKenna College Mary J. Spellman, Assistant Vice President, Dean of Students
Colorado College Roger L. SmithDirector for the Office of Minority and International Students
Eric Popkin, Associate Dean of Global, Community & Summer Programs
Colby College Joseph E. Atkins, Coord. Multicultural Student Programs & Support 
Jim TerhuneVice President for Student
College of the Holy Cross **Mable MillnerAssociate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion & Director of Multicultural Education
Christina B. ChenDirector Academic Services & Learning Resources
Dartmouth College Inge-Lise Ameer, Associate Dean of the College
Alysson SatterlundDirector of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership
Rodrigo Ramirez, Assistant Dean & Advisor to Latina/o Students
Geneseo SUNY Fatima Rodriguez-Johnson,
Coordinator of Multicultural Programs and Services
Kathy MapesChair, Commission on Diversity and Community
Hamilton College Amit Taneja, Director, Diversity & Inclusion
Donald CarterProfessor of Africana Studies and Chief Diversity Officer
Harvey Mudd College Maggie BrowningVice President of Student Affairs, Dean of Students
Haverford College Michael Martinez, Dean of First Year Students and Associate Dean of the College
Steve WatterAssociate Dean of the College and Dean of Student Life
Jeffrey Tecosky-Feldman, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, Director, Multicultural Scholars
Theresa TensuanDean of Multicultural Affairs/Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs
Martha DenneyDean of the College
Kenyon College Reginald Sanders, Professor of Music
A. Chris KennerlyDean of Students
Lafayette College
Annette DiorioVice President for Campus Life & Senior Diversity Officer
John McKnight, Dean of Intercultural Development
Mount Holyoke College Cerri Banks, Dean of the College
Gladys Moore, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life and Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Christopher Benfey, Acting Dean of the Faculty
Oberlin College Kathryn StuartDean of Studies
*Eric Estes, Dean of Students
Pitzer College Brian A. Carlisle, Vice President for Student Affairs
Providence College Rafael ZapataAssociate VP/Chief Diversity Officer
Pomona College *Miriam FeldblumVice President and Dean of Students
Maria Tucker, Director of the Draper Center for Community Partnerships
Nicole Weekes, Associate Dean of the College for Faculty Development and Diversity &Professor of Neuroscience
Scripps College Charlotte Johnson, Vice President of Student Affairs, Dean of Students
Skidmore College *Susan LaydenAssociate Dean of Student Affairs
W. Rochelle Calhoun, Dean of Student Affairs
Patricia Rubio, Professor of Spanish/Latin American Literature/Women’s Studies
Mariel Martin, Director of Student Diversity Programs
Kristie Ford, Director for Intercultural Studies and Associate Professor of Sociology
Smith College L’Tanya RichmondDirector of Multicultural Affairs
Dwight Hamilton, Chief Diversity Officer
Floyd CheungAssoc. Professor of English and American Studies & Dir. of Sherrerd Center for Teaching & Learning
Swarthmore College Patricia Reilly, Associate Provost, Assistant Dean and Director of the Intercultural Center
Amy Hagelstein, Research and Faculty Development Administrator
Trinity College ***Karla Spurlock-EvansDean of Multicultural Affairs
Alison DraperDirector, Science Center
Sheila FisherAssociate Dean of the Faculty & Professor of English
Ann Reuman, Associate Dean of Students
Christopher Card, Associate Dean of Students
Union College *Gretchel HathawaySenior Director of Campus Diversity & Community Outreach
Barbara DanowskiChair, Biology Department
Jason Benitez  Director of Multicultural Affairs
University of the South Eric BenjaminDirector of the Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs
Eric HartmanDean of Students
Vassar College *Edward PittmanAssociate Dean of the College for Campus Life
Stephen Rock, Associate Dean of the Faculty
Wellesley College Robbin Chapman, Associate Provost and Academic Director of Diversity & Inclusion

** Steering board chairperson, * Steering board member, *** CHAS Liaison to Trinity (host institution)