Fall 2022 Chemistry Department Seminar Schedule

Unless noted otherwise, the seminars take place in Clement 105 on Fridays starting at 1:30 pm

Date Speaker
Sept 9 Organizational Meeting
Sept 16 Safety Training
Sept 23 Jennifer Van Sickle and Joelle Thomas

Trinity College Library and Information Technology

Library Resources for Chemistry Research

Sept 30 Dan Konstantinovsky

PhD Candidate, Yale University

Chiral Water Superstructures Around Biomolecules – Computational Insights

Oct 7 Dr. Niranjana Pokharel ’15

Boston University

Preclinical Assessment of Dihydroquinolinone Inhibitors Directly Targeting Oncogene TFCP2 as Cancer Therapeutics

Oct 14 Prof. John Miecznikowski ’00

Fairfield University

Pushing Back the Frontiers with SNS and ONO First-row Transition Metal Complexes

Oct 21 Dr. Xiayun Cheng and Dr. Thomas Hong

Pfizer Global R & D

Synthetic Chemistry Careers at Pfizer & Synthetic Collaborations at Pfizer: Synthesis of Piperidine Building Blocks

Oct 28  Faculty Research Poster Session
Nov 4 Student Talks:  Donglin Chen ’23, Jimmy O’Connor ’24 and Tara Tweedy ’24
Nov 11 Dr. Margaret Gatti-Mays MD ’05

Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Transitional Therapeutics: Where the Bench Meets the Bedside

Location:  Mather Hall – Terrace Rooms A, B and C


Nov 18 Emmanuel Reynoso Bernardo ’24, Lilly Publillones ’25 and Ayana Tabo ’23
Nov 26 Thanksgiving Break – No Seminar
Dec 2 Karina Amador ’23, Zam Khai ’23 and Sharon Sango ’25
Dec 9 Christina Alcaro ’23, Aspen Hawkins ’23