Megan Faver Hartline, Associate Director

Whether you are a community partner, faculty member, or student looking to get more involved in Trinity’s Community Learning Initiative, reaching out to Megan is the place to start. She works to connect faculty at Trinity and community partners in Hartford to forge partnerships that reciprocally benefit students and local organizations.

She earned a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Louisville, and her research on community engagement and writing studies is published in Community Literacy Journal, Computers and Composition Online, and JAC.



Trinity Contacts for Hartford Community Partners: 

To connect with faculty and courses Megan Hartline, Associate Director of Community Learning, 860-297-2583Jack Dougherty, Faculty Director of Community Learning
To propose a Hartford research project Megan Brown, Director of Liberal Arts Action Lab, 860-297-2556Jack Dougherty, Faculty Director of Action Lab
For student-led volunteer programs and student volunteers Joe Barber, Director of  Community Service and Civic Engagement
To recruit student interns Victoria Sandoval, Career Development Center
For technology training and Trinity Community Garden Carlos Espinosa, Trinfo Cafe
For school and educational partnerships Robert Cotto, Director of Urban Education Initiatives, 860-297-4010
For community and governmental relations Jason Rojas, President’s Chief of Staff
and Assistant Vice President for External Affairs
860-297-4166Karolina Kwiecinska, Special Assistant to the President for External Affairs, 860-297-4203



CLI Advisory Group 2017-18

Dina Anselmi (Psychology)

Joe Barber (Community Service and Civic Engagement)

Carol Clark (Economics)

Robert Cotto (Urban Educational Initiatives)

Jack Dougherty (Educational Studies)

Alison Draper (Interdisciplinary Science Center)

Carlos Espinosa (Trinfo Cafe)

Jack Gieseking (American Studies)

Megan Hartline (Community Learning Initiative)

Laura Holt (Psychology)

Seth Markle (History and International Studies)

Dave Tatem (Educational Technology)

Jim Trostle (Anthropology)