Community Action Gateway

Students in the Community Action Gateway sit around a large table discussing methods for community-based research.

If you ask questions such as “How can we challenge social inequalities?” or “What can people like me do to make a difference?”, then you’re a good match for the Community Action Gateway.

The Community Action Gateway offers first-year Trinity College students the opportunity to engage with the City of Hartford through community-based research and social change projects. By participating in the Gateway, students will:

  • Learn about different ways of creating social change through experiential learning projects;
  • Design and execute community-based research and social impact projects related to: education; housing; economic development; language, culture, and identity; and social inequality;
  • Develop skills to identify and develop solutions to pressing social challenges; and
  • Become part of a dedicated community of students, faculty, and community partners committed to social change in and beyond Hartford.


Application Process

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