CLI Research Fellows

Community Learning Research Fellows collaborate with Hartford-area community partners and Trinity faculty sponsors to design and carry out research or creative projects that help local partners–non-profit organizations, neighborhood advocacy groups, government agencies, or educational institutions–reach their goals. Students may work individually or as a 2-3 person team on these semester- or year-long projects, which can be connected to an independent study, an internship, a community-learning course, or a senior thesis/project. In the fall, Research Fellows participate in the Community Learning Research Colloquium (CLIC 400), attend monthly Common Hour events, and present their projects in December. Projects are supported by a $200 expense grant.

2017-18 CLI Research Fellows

CLI Research Fellows smile at one of their monthly workshops

Maternal Health and Infant Mortality in Hartford
Student Researcher: Chelsea Armistead
Faculty Sponsor: Dina Anselmi
Community Partner: Department of Health and Human Services, Maternal and Infant Outreach Program, City of Hartford

Small Business Improvement and Neighborhood Revitalization along New Britain Avenue
Student Researcher: Larisa Bogomolov
Faculty Sponsors: Carol Clark
Community Partner:  Behind the Rocks and Southwest NRZs

Hartford:  A College City?
Student Researcher: Henry Chavez
Faculty Sponsor: Isaac Kamola
Community Partner: The Hartford Consortium for Higher Education

Investing in Hartford’s Diverse Communities:  Analysis of Financial Institutions’ Record of Investment in the Metro Hartford Area
Student Researcher: Kenneth Haas
Faculty Sponsor: Diane Zannoni and Carol Clark
Community Partner: Hartford Community Loan Fund

The Role of Feedback in Metacognition and Learning at the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (HMTCA)
Student Researcher: Daisuke Katsumata
Faculty Sponsors: Dina Anselmi and David Reuman
Community Partner:  Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy

Students’ Metacognitive Skills and Motivation to Learn: Does Subject Area or Grade Level Matter?
Student Researchers: Jillian Ramsay & Adelaide Jenkins
Faculty Sponsors: Dina Anselmi and David Reuman
Community Partner:  Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy

Growing Food and Social Capital: The Role of Urban Gardens in Strengthening a Sense of Community amongst Gardeners
Student Researcher: Grace Metry
Faculty Sponsor: Emily Cummins
Community Partner: KNOX, Community Gardens Program


2016-17 CLI Research Fellows

Inmates, their Children, and the World Beyond the Razor Wire: Evaluating the Judy Dworin Performance Project’s Use of Arts-Based Expression with Mothers Released from York Correctional Institution
Student Researcher: Margaret Brown
Faculty Sponsors: Judy Dworin and Sarah Diamond
Community Partners: Judy Dworin Performance Project; Diamond Research Consulting LLC

Parental Engagement in a Social Service Setting: Can Rhetoric Become Reality?
Student Researcher: Doug Curtin
Faculty Sponsor: Jack Dougherty
Community Partner: Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Making Healthy Choices in the Health Care Market Place
Student Researchers: Matthew Laccavole
Faculty Sponsors: Carol Clark and Diane Zannoni
Community Partner: United Connecticut Action for Neighborhoods

Transnationalism and School Choice in the Greater Hartford Region
Student Researcher: Michelle Herbert
Faculty Sponsor: Jack Dougherty
Community Partner: The Center for Latino Progress

Enriching Student Success through a Metacognitive School-Based Intervention
Student Researchers: Lisa Lee, Annabelle Regalado, and Evan Scollard
Faculty Sponsors: Dina Anselmi and David Reuman
Community Partner: Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy

Parent Perceptions of Resource Inequities in the Behind the Rocks Neighborhood District and Magnet Schools
Student Researcher: Cara Midlige
Faculty Sponsor: Jack Dougherty
Community Partner: SW/Behind the Rocks NRZ

Economic Disparities between Refugees and Non-refugees in the Hartford Metropolitan Region
Student Researcher: Chinmay Rayarikar
Faculty Sponsor: Janet Bauer
Community Partner: Hartford Commission on Refugees and Immigrant Affairs

Re-alignment of the Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis CLI with 6th Grade Science Standards at HMTCA
Student Researcher: Ana Romano
Faculty Sponsor: Michelle Kovarik
Community Partner: Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy

Green Transformation of Hartford: Model for Sustainable Development in Urban America
Student Researcher: Jennifer Tran
Faculty Sponsor: Rasha Ahmed and Carol Clark
Community Partner: Climate Stewardship Council – City of Hartford Planning and Zoning Commission

The Struggles and Triumphs of Ethnic Media Reaching the Targeted Audience Throughout Hartford
Student Researcher: Michelle Treglia
Faculty Sponsor: Alta Lash
Community Partner: Department of Consumer Protection


To Apply 

Applications for the 2018-19 school year will be available at the start of the 2018 Spring semester. See the 2017-18 application here. For more information, contact Carol Clark or Megan Hartline.


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