Options for student transportation around Hartford:

Ride for free with Bantam Bus Pass: Every semester, Trinity’s Office of Community Service and Civic Engagement provides each student a Bantam Bus Pass for unlimited free rides on the local CT Transit bus system. Follow Trinity Bantam Bus Pass on Facebook. Buses that stop at Trinity College:

See public transit schedules on Google Maps, or download the free Transit app to your smartphone.

Carpool: Students who have personal cars may volunteer to give rides to others heading to the same location.

Zip Car:  Zip Car is a car-sharing service that charges use per hour.  Students can get information and enroll at:

Reserve and rent a vehicle from Trinity Facilities: Students, staff, and faculty who are College-approved drivers can rent a vehicle (such as a 7-passenger minivan) from Trinity Facilities. For vehicles transporting more than 7 people, Connecticut law requires the driver to hold an “F” endorsement on their license.

  • To become a College-approved driver, complete the Driver Application form and have it signed by a faculty sponsor, advisor, or department chair/director. Submit the form to Carol Kessel in the Business Office for processing.
  • After a driver has been approved by the College, reserve a vehicle by contacting Cynthia Pascual or go to the Trinity Facilities office on New Britain Avenue to sign up in person. You will need a Trinity account number (which we can provide for a CLI course) for the mileage that will be charged (at the federal rate of $0.55 per mile). The authorized driver is responsible for picking up the keys and the mileage form from Facilities, and dropping them back off at with the mileage numbers on the form.