Trinity Women’s Soccer

20479065553_87d140185e_oIt is difficult for me to remember my life before soccer.  Just as millions of little girls do, I fell in love with the game at a young age and let it become a defining feature of who I am.  Over the years I have found other passions and explored other interests but playing soccer remains a source of joy in my life.  The competition, the strategy, the physical exertion, and the camaraderie that I have come to love so much about the game of soccer lead me to pursue playing at the college level.

Playing soccer made the transition into my first semester of college seamless.  The structure of having daily practice or games helped hone time management skills and gave me a comfortable routine.  Most importantly, I met some of my best friends at Trinity on the soccer team and I will always be grateful for the bonds we formed on and off the field.

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