Red Fox Challenging Images Rows 1-2

Plain text indicates the location (see corresponding red arrow) of the animal(s) in image; bold text indicates the basis of the identification of the animal(s).

1 ­– Behind center of pile, facing right.  [Single red fox:  this view, partially obscured by pile material, shows this fox’s distinctive red color along back].

2 ­– On left margin of image, facing right.  [Single red fox:  this partial view offers a fox-like profile with little contrast in coloration along side (gray fox shows more contrast) and the black front legs typical of a red fox.]

3 ­– Behind center of pile, facing right.  [Single red fox:  this view, partially masked by pile material, shows the distinctive red color on back and white underparts of the red fox.]

4 – In front of pile, facing away from camera. [Single red fox: this image, obscured by moisture on lens, shows a fox-like animal with a light-colored back (without indication of a dark stripe running along back and tail, as in gray fox), thus it is scored as a red fox.]

5 – In background to left of pile facing towards camera. [Single red fox: this image shows a fox-like animal.  It has the distinctive light-colored back and black legs of the red fox.]

6 – On right margin of image, facing left. [Single red fox:  this image depicts a fox-like head with the light-colored back and black leg that characterizes the red fox.  Note that the face lacks the three contrasting color zones of gray, orange, and white seen in gray fox.]