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Syllabus and Schedule

Syllabus and Course Schedule
Click here to view the course syllabus, tentative schedule of topics/assignments and important dates.


1 – M 1/22 Welcome to the course! I look forward to working with you this semester. Below is your first homework assignment. Keep in mind that regular homework assignments should not take you more than one hour to complete. If you wish, you can try timing yourself to get a feel for how long the assignment will take you.

  1. Review the Syllabus and Schedule (linked above). Mark important dates in your calendars now and plan any travel accordingly.
  2. Set up a Google account by going here (if you have one already, you may use it and continue to the next task).
  3. Register and login for the course at course.mobilecsp.org. It is recommended that you bookmark this site.
  4. Create a Trinity portfolio (Click the link for more information. No content needs to be added at this time. I will show you how to set up the menus in class later this week.)
  5. Once you have completed 1-4, complete this Google form by the start of class on W 1/24.

If you need assistance or have questions/concerns about the course, please let Ms. Lake know via email before W 1/24.


2 – W 1/24
  1. Finish setting up the menu and categories for your portfolio if you have not done so already.
  2. Finish your reflection/notes from Lesson 2.3. Your post should be named Lesson 2.3 The Internet & The Cloud and categorized as a reflection. Please also complete the self-check exercises.
  3. Complete Lesson 1.2. You will be issued a certificate after completing the Hour of Code activity. Save your certificate and upload it to your Google drive (if you are unfamiliar with Google drive, watch the video resource on Moodle). Then create a portfolio post called Lesson 1.2 Mazes, Algorithms and Programs and categorize your post as a reflection. In your post, put a link to your certificate and any notes you wish to add. Your post with your certificate is due by the start of class on F 1/26.


3 – F 1/26
  1. Complete the Lesson 2.6 Reflection (Review and type up your group’s answers to the four POGIL questions. I’ve scanned your worksheets and uploaded them on Moodle for reference). Also complete the self-check exercises.
  2. Complete Lesson 2.8 (Answer the reflection questions on your portfolio and try the self-check exercises). Note that there is a 7 minute video to watch or you can review the slides if you need more help understanding the abstraction concept from the “What is a chair?” activity. Don’t forget to categorize your posts as reflections! All posts should be named as “Lesson [number] [title of lesson]”. For example: Lesson 2.8 What is abstraction?
  3. Complete the pre-survey for the course. You’ll need a token/password. Check Moodle to look up your token.

If you have questions, please email me and/or attend the Sunday TA session from 5-7PM.

4 – M 1/29
  1. Complete the Lesson 2.5 Reflection and self-check exercises. Optional: Complete the matching terms worksheet distributed in class to help you study the vocabulary.
  2. If you signed out a tablet, fully charge it, install the AI companion app and the barcode scanner app, and perform all system updates (possibly 4-6 updates available that need to be manually downloaded and installed). This must be done by class on W 1/31 or you will be unable to complete the classwork.
  3. READ Lesson 2.2’s text version in preparation for class on W 1/31. 
5 – W 1/31
  1. Complete I Have a Dream Tutorial (Lesson 2.2 and 2.4) – You can do one joint portfolio reflection for all six questions and also try the self-check exercises.
  2. Complete Lesson 2.11 and 3.10 – Blown to Bits Chapters 1 and 3. Read the chapters and answer the reflection questions from both lessons on your portfolio. Due by the start of class on F 2/2. Be prepared to discuss the chapters in class.
6 – F 2/2
  1. Complete Lesson 2.7 I Have a Dream Projects – Your own soundboard app. Due by the start of class M 2/5. 
    1. READ through the entire lesson page
    2. Create your own soundboard app – pick a theme that tells us a little about you! Your app should have at least two buttons with images and at least two sounds of your choosing. When you click each of the buttons, the appropriate sound should play (or pause) and there should be no overlapping of sounds. You must make use of If/Else statements.
    3. When you are done making your soundboard app, answer the reflection questions for Lesson 2.7 on your portfolio and include the link to your .aia file, your apk file, and your video.

    I encourage you to review 2.2 and 2.4 (videos or the text version) as you create your app. Please reach out to me and/or the TAs if you have questions about anything we went over in class, about the lessons, or anything else.

7 – M 2/5
  1. Complete Lesson 3.2 Paint Pot Tutorial (you can watch and follow along with the two videos as you build the app or use the text version to guide you). Come to Wednesday’s class with the Paint Pot app built and your tablet charged. Due by the start of class on W 2/7.
  2. Complete Lesson 2.9 reflection and the self-check exercises. Use the handout from class to continue practicing conversions.
  3. Complete Lesson 2.10 reflection (question 3 only) and the self-check exercises.
8 – W 2/7
  1. Study for Quiz #1 which will be F 2/9 in class. Study tips provided on Moodle.
  2. Complete one joint reflection for Paint Pot Lessons 3.2, 3.4, and 3.5. The slides used today are not in the course material, but I have put the link on Moodle for your to access them if you wish to review. The projects/enhancements we worked on in class are at the end of the presentation. Complete the self-check exercises in each lesson as well.
  3. Please check Moodle for comments from the TAs on your portfolios.
9 – F 2/9
  1. Complete Lesson 3.8 Map Tour Tutorial (you can watch and follow along with the video as you build the app or use the text version to guide you). Build the app, complete the reflection, and try the self-check exercises. Due by the start of class on M 2/12.
  2. Complete Lesson 3.7 Reflection.
10 – M 2/12
  1. Complete Lesson 3.3 reflection questions and self-check exercises. Skip the “Other Activities” section. Complete your RLE worksheet from class for extra practice. Note: Ms. Lake loves the last image! 🙂
  2. Begin your RLE Image Project. Specific details are posted on Moodle. The project has two parts: Part one is due at the start of class on W 2/14. Part two is due Friday.
  3. Bring your charged tablet to Wednesday’s class
11 – W 2/14
  1. Please make sure your .aia file with the 3.7 and 3.8 Map Tour projects from class is uploaded to Moodle.
  2. Complete Part 2 of the RLE Image Project. Specific details are posted on Moodle. Part 2 is due at the start of class on F 2/16.
  3. Select a project partner for Programming Project #1 by the end of class on F 2/16.
12 – F 2/16
  1. Review the Project 1 assignment (pages 1 and 2 for now). Schedule a time to meet with your project partner over Trinity Days.
  2. Project 1 Proposal is due on your portfolio by the start of class on W 2/21.
  3. Project 1 Elevator Pitches will be in class on W 2/21. Dress code is business casual.
  4. Extra Credit due by W 2/21: The Coin Flip App. Complete Lesson 4.5 Tutorial Part 1 only to build a basic coin flip app. Then complete Lesson 4.8 project 1-4 only. When your coin flip app is completed, complete post one reflection with the answers to the following:
    • Write an if/else statement to express the following real life situation. Mary likes ice cream and always chooses chocolate unless there is no chocolate in which case she chooses strawberry. But if there’s no strawberry either then she settles for vanilla, which, for some reason, is always available. (HINT: You may need to put together more than 1 if/else statement to do this.)
    • Give brief descriptions of the enhancements you added to your app. Provide screen shots of important blocks and describe how you used them to solve certain programming problems.
    • Describe how one or more of your enhancements used if/else and randomness.
    • Include a link to your .aia file.
13 – W 2/21
  1. Study for Quiz #2 which will be F 2/23 in class. Study tips provided on Moodle.
  2. Review the Project 1 assignment page 3. Schedule times to meet with your project partner to work on your project.
  3. Project 1 Draft 1 is due on your portfolio by the start of class on M 2/26.
    • Review elevator pitch peer feedback (posted on Moodle).
14 – F 2/23
  1. Project 1 Draft 1(aia, apk, and market testing) is due on your portfolio by the start of class on M 2/26.