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Everyone currently taking CPSC 110 will maintain an individual digital portfolio of work.

For further instructions on how to create your portfolio see here. Your portfolio should include a Discussions page,Projects page and a Reflections page.  If you need additional help please use the resources provided on Moodle or contact Ms. Lake.

Jervon Adams
Nour Bendary
Brendan Conroy
Leah Cormier
Scott Danforth
Eleanna Davos
Colin Donovan
Maxwell Fertik
Nicholas Filosa
Julian Garcia-Sanabria
Eric Gendron
Foster Hall
Donald Jorden
Darius Lue
Cameron McMillian(set up menu/navigation on home page)
Erin Murphy
Shannon Regan
Gabby Rogers
Curtis Sloley
Antony Tan(set up menu/navigation on home page)
Francis Uzorh
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