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Interdistrict schools in Hartford give students and parents the ability to choose any type of school in more than one school district in Hartford and the surrounding suburbs.  By any type of school, we mean either a magnet, charter, or an open choice school.  For example, if you are a parent choosing the interdistrict route for your student, you are able to choose a magnet school, charter school or open choice school, in place of a Hartford Public School.
Since the Superior Court Case of Milo Sheff versus William O’Neill, the Hartford School District has had an increased focus on racially integrating their schools.  According to the official Stipulation and Proposed Order,

“the Connecticut Supreme Court on July 9, 1996, held that public school students in the City of Hartford attended schools that were racially, ethnically, and economically isolated in violation of the Connecticut Constitution, and urged the State to take prompt steps to seek to remedy the violation…”2

The interdistrict school choice option began to remedy these isolated schools.  The recent focus on a more racially integrated school system in Hartford is the main reason for opening options for families living in the city of Hartford to more than public schools in their areas.  The magnet schools use a completely revised and unique curriculum to bring students from all over Hartford to achieve the goal of integration.  Charter schools are “’chartered’ by the State Board of Education, rather than a specific district.”3
Finally, the open choice program allows urban students to attend public schools in suburban areas, and suburban students to attend public schools in urban areas.

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