Mellon Foundation Inclusive Teaching Grant

2018-2019 Mellon Foundation Inclusive Teaching Grant

The Center for Teaching and Learning is excited to announce a new faculty development program made possible by the generous support of the Mellon Foundation. The 2018-2019 Mellon Foundation Inclusive Teaching Grant will support groups of faculty collaborators who wish to undertake a year-long examination of pedagogical practices that foster equity in the learning environment.

Collaboration groups should be composed of at least three faculty members of any rank. These faculty groups can represent one or more departments and programs. The grant provides up to $ 3,000 per group for the purchase of relevant materials, technology, guest speakers, travel to conferences, and other appropriate costs. In a concise 2-page proposal, groups must conceptualize what they see as the impediments to student learning they wish to address and explain how their project will work to provide a positive outcome for students. This program seeks to support a wide range of responses to the notion of “inclusive” teaching and does not assume that there is one definition or solution. For example, members of one department might seek to explore best practices that exist within a disciplinary framework. An interdisciplinary group could investigate different topics that include bias in the classroom and in course content, systematic inequities in the classroom or the institution, the application of universal design, or responding to the needs of changing students. Faculty from a particular division, or faculty who teach introductory level classes—such as first-year seminars—could address impediments to student learning that arise from the structure and content of their courses. Another group might be interested in conducting interviews, surveys, and focus-group studies of students in order to address obstacles they face in the classroom.

Recipients are expected to: 1) develop materials to be shared with other faculty at Trinity and 2) participate in a public presentation and discussion of their work at the end of the 2018-19 academic year. While groups will work independently, they are encouraged to consult with other groups working under the grant. Midway through the grant, recipients will be expected to update the advisory group on the status and progress of their projects.
Proposals should be submitted to by May 7, 2018, with notification of award to occur shortly thereafter. Dina Anselmi and Sean Cocco, along with members of the advisory group listed below, are willing to meet with groups interested in developing proposals.

Dina Anselmi
Stefanie Chambers
Sean Cocco
Lisa Foster
Michelle Kovarik
Luis Martinez
Maurice Wade
Johnny Williams