A11: Transition Plan for Park Watershed Data

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The tools I have been using for my data visualization are all public and can be found online. As of right now, I am the owner of the graphs and tables I’ve made. However, by creating a Gmail account, anyone can access the Google Fusion and Wizard tables. I would simply have to share it with anyone who wishes to view or edit any changes. Organizations and non-profits, such as the Park River Watershed, could easily create an general account, which would make things easier and more convenient when handling data changes and switching over to who has accessibility to update it.

I also received sample data of the ‘interdistrict’, ‘district’, and ‘more Pre-K centers’ from Professor Jack Dougherty who retrieved this data from SmartChoices. From this website, one can distinguish between the different types of SmartChoices schools around the Hartford area region further.

Finally, I created data visualization through GitHub repositories, which can be easily found by searching my username: slo2293. Data and HTML coding here can be forked with other users and updated through Java Script. Jack has also created a wonderful tutorial for first time users to understand here in his Data Visualization WordPress. Though coding is not for everyone, there are other files one can search for to tweak for their liking.

Overall, the data and tools that I worked with were all pretty standard in terms of difficulty of accessing or understanding things. GitHub and Google Drive are public sites for anyone to create an account, and the SmartChoices descriptions are all public.