Bio for Data Visualization

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My name is Stefania Ruibal and I am a freshman at Trinity College. I am thinking of majoring in psychology and education studies. I wanted to participate in this seminar to further my skills in analyzing data and creating interactive maps and graphs. I am excited to help the Girl Scouts create a way to understand better partnership potential within Connecticut. The Girl Scouts of Connecticut are connected to many different organizations within the state and want to be able to have an even greater outreach. Having an interactive website will help the Girl Scouts create more potential partners and help them find parts of Connecticut they are not already reaching.

Girl Scouts Partners


My partnership with CT Landmarks

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I am Shuxin(Amy) Zhang from Tianjin, China. I am a freshman at Trinity College. I plan to major in Asian Studies & Computer Science at Trinity. I hope to find a way to incorporate researches and technology together, and I believe my project on data visualization can help me on my way.

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Laura and Me

I will be working with Laura from CT Landmarks on an interactive map tour. I will be visualizing and digitalizing archives, artifacts and hand-written journals, which were previously owned by a world traveller over 100 years ago. My goal is to re-create his tour around the world, and add the data(e.g. 3d models of the attractions he toured, the pictures of artifacts he collected through the way, and all the pictures and journals he created along his journey) to the route, so that every pinpoint on the route has all the associated profile with it, and all information can be incorporated together in an interactive and fun way.


My Half of the Partnership with the Hartford Food System

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My name is Mike Walsh and I am from Longmeadow, Massachusetts. I am a freshman at Trinity College and I plan to major in Public Policy, however I’m also very interested in statistics and data visualization. I am part of the Ski team at Trinity and work at one of the on-campus coffee shops.


For this project, I will be working with fellow student Kaitlyn Sprague and Martha Page, Executive Director of the  Hartford Food System. The Hartford Food System (HFS) creates programs in the greater Hartford area that facilitate access to nutritious foods in order to reach their goal of making a sustainable food system that meets Hartford’s needs. During this semester, Kaitlyn and I will be creating a layered, interactive map that shows food access in Hartford. This will include the location of different types of food stores in the community, as well as transportation routes to these food stores.

My Partnership with the Injury Prevention Center, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

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Hello Everyone!

I’m Stacy Lam, I was born and raised in Chicago, IL a.k.a “The Windy City”. I’m currently a first year at Trinity College and I intend to major in Engineering. Many people are unaware that injuries are ranked 4 on the among causes of death and has been termed as “the neglected epidemic”. The tragedy is that injuries could be prevented and I am interested in learning about the public health approach to injury prevention.

In this data visualization course, I am working with Garry Lapidus, the director for Connecticut Injury Prevention Center. The mission of the Injury Prevention Center (IPC) at Connecticut Children’s is to reduce unintentional injury and violence among Connecticut residents. I will be focusing creating an interactive data visualization on intimate partner violence in Connecticut. I plan on creating an interactive map of Connecticut to portray the rates of intimate partner violence in neighborhoods as well as incorporate other variables such as the involvement of children. The goal is to be able to portray a story to the public through data visualization.


About Me and My Community Partner

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I am Doris (Yunzhuo) Zhang and I am from Shanghai, China. I am currently a freshman at Trinity College. I am intended to major in Environmental Science and Education Studies. Interest in natural environment brought me to partner up with KNOX (former Knox Park Foundation).


I am assisting with KNOX Community Gardens Program. KNOX owns 20 community gardens which are located in the central part of the city. The program aims to serve the local families and reveal the ethnic diversity of Hartford. At the end of the semester, we will map out the gardens in an interactive way and create a detailed profile for each garden.