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Data Visualization Seminar – Spring 2017

Devan Suggs ’17 (right) is partnering with Emmanuel Adero (left) Sheryl Horowitz (center) at the Connecticut Association for Human Services. The Connecticut Association for Human Services strives to combat poverty and ensure statewide equity that transcends income and background. It aims to promote a synergistic effort between all communities toward the well-being and success of all members of the state. Devan is working with Sheryl and Emmanuel to create interactive charts of CT Kids Count data. See their final project presentation.

Jordan Politz ’17 (right) is partnering with Ben Faust (left) from Community Solutions. Community Solutions works to end homelessness and the conditions that create it. Community Solutions helps communities become better problem solvers, so they can fix the expensive, badly designed systems that our most vulnerable neighbors rely on every day. Together, Jordan and Ben are creating a neighborhood scorecard to visualize stability and vulnerability in Hartford’s neighborhoods. See their final project presentation.

Jason Masurovsky ’17 (left) is partnering with Lisa Dabrowski (right) at the Connecticut Open Communities Alliance. OCA is a new Connecticut-based civil rights organization that promotes access to opportunity for all people through education, organizing, advocacy, research, and partnerships. The Alliance works to build an urban-suburban interracial coalition to support policies that lead to housing choice. Together, they are creating maps to visualize better affordable housing policy for towns across Connecticut. See their final project presentation.

Alex Perez ’17 (right) is partnering with Shaun McGann ’14 (left) and Sara Bronin (center) from the Climate Stewardship Council. The Climate Stewardship Initiative is a community-wide endeavor to achieve environmental justice, spur on economic development, and improve public health through environmental stewardship initiatives – all while turning Hartford into a national leader in urban sustainability and quality of life. This initiative has been led by the Climate Stewardship Council, which consists of local political, corporate, institutional, and community-based leaders. Together, they will create a comprehensive sustainability map using Leaflet with Google Sheets to visualize the city’s resources and successes in environmental stewardship within the six focus areas of: Energy, Food, Green Space, Transportation, Waste, and Water. See their final project presentation.

Nhat Pham ’18 (center) is partnering with Rex Fowler (left) and James Jeter (right) from the Hartford Community Loan Fund. The HCLF seeks to provide and promote just and affordable financial services that benefit the low-wealth residents of Hartford. Together, they are creating interactive maps to assess investment activity by census tract for all area banks in Hartford, with a subsequent analysis of current bank lending overlaid upon historical redlining maps of the city’s neighborhoods. See their final project presentation.

Zach Cromwell ’18 (center) is partnering with Kenny Cheung (left) and Julie Geyer (right) at the Capital Workforce Partnership. The mission is CPW is to leverage public and private resources to produce skilled workers for a competitive regional economy. Together, they are using occupation growth projections to create an interactive chart for the CWP’s 37 towns. See their final project presentation.

Ania Aliev ’18 (left) is partnering with Kelly Annelli (right) from the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence. CCADV is focused on helping victims of domestic violence and to help better the social conditions and state responses to domestic violence. Together, they are creating an interactive map to display all the regions of Connecticut with their corresponding summary statistics about domestic violence. See their final project presentation.

Brynne MacIver ’18 (right) is partnering with Garry Lapidus (left) from the Injury Prevention Center at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. The mission of the IPC is to reduce unintentional injury and violence among Connecticut residents. They focus on areas of intimate partner violence, teen driving safety, youth suicide, and elderly fall prevention. Together, they will analyze family violence data and map it by Hartford neighborhoods. See their final project presentation.

Archie Chen ’18 (left) is partnering with Laura Rozza (right) and Katie Hanley at Oak Hill, Connecticut’s largest private provider of disability services. Oak Hill sets the standard, partnering with people with disabilities, to provide services and solutions promoting independence, education, health and dignity. Together, they will create interactive maps to visualize where and how many people with disabilities live in CT, and determine whether program locations are easily accessible by public transportation through comparison with current bus routes. See their final project presentation.

Data Visualization Seminar – Spring 2016

Mike Walsh ’19 and Katilyn Sprague ’16 with community partner Martha Page, Hartford Food System

Kaitlyn Sprague ‘16, intern with The Hartford Food System: I am from Waterbury, CT, and I am a senior majoring in Public Policy and Law. In my four years at Trinity, I have worked with nonprofit organizations like Asylum Hill and the Neighborhood Association. I am very interested in a variety of social justice issues, like poverty and food insecurity, and their intersectionality. Read Kaitlyn’s posts.

Mike Walsh ‘19, intern with The Hartford Food System: I am from Longmeadow, Massachusetts and am a freshman planning to major in Public Policy. Along with public policy, I am also interested in statistics and data visualization. Currently, I am a part of the ski team at Trinity, and I work at one of the on-campus coffee shops. Read Mike’s posts.

Together we are working with Martha Page, the executive director of The Hartford Food System, to create a visualization that maps food access in Hartford. The HFS creates programs that seek to improve access to health and affordable food to communities in Hartford. The organization strives to make a sustainable food system that will meet the needs of those living in Hartford.

View their DataViz final presentation with Hartford Food System.

Community partner, Julie Geyer, Capital Workforce Partners and Ngoc (Norah) Do ’18

Ngoc “Norah” Do ‘18, intern with Capital Workforce Partners: I am currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Science, and I am very interested in making mobile applications, web design, and learning how to create data visualizations. I learned a lot in understanding the communities around Hartford through class activities here at Trinity, and I am excited to learn even more helping my community partner in this seminar. Read Norah’s posts.

I am working with Julie Geyer from Capital Workforce Partners, which is an organization focused on creating a skilled and vital workforce for the regional economy. We will be creating an interactive map demonstrating information gathered by my community partner by region, and we will create interactive charts as well.

View the DataViz final presentation with Capital Workforce Partners.

Stacy Lam ’19 and community partner Garry Lapidus, Injury Prevention Center, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Stacy Lam ‘19, intern with the Injury Prevention Center, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford Hospital: I live in Chicago, IL, and I am currently a freshman at Trinity and intend to major in Engineering. I am interested in learning more about public health and different approaches toward injury prevention. Read Stacy’s posts.

I am working with Gary Lapidus from the Injury Prevention Center within the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center at Hartford Hospital. The IPC seeks to reduce unintentional injury and violence among Connecticut residents. We will be creating a data visualization focusing in on intimate partner violence and the rates of it in neighborhoods as well as the involvement of children in the incidents.

View the DataViz final presentation with the Injury Prevention Center.

Stefania Ruibal ’19 (middle) with community partners Janet Ridenour and Linda Bresky, Girl Scouts of Connecticut

Stefania Ruibal ‘19, intern with the Girl Scouts of Connecticut: I am currently a freshman at Trinity College, and I am thinking of possibly double majoring in Psychology and Educational Studies. In this seminar, I hope to further my analyzing skills and learn more about creating interactive maps and graphs. I am very excited to help the Girl Scouts of Connecticut create tools was will enable them to understand partnership potential within the state. Read Stefania’s posts.

I am working with Janet Ridenour and Linda Bresky from the Girl Scouts of Connecticut to help with their outreach using data visualization. The Girl Scouts of Connecticut are connected to many different organizations within the state, and the organization wants to be able to have an even greater outreach. We want to create a visualization that will help the organization create more potential partners and extend to areas not yet reached.

View the DataViz final presentation with Girls Scouts of Connecticut.

Binh Vo ’19 and community partner Andrew Tran, TrendCT / CT Mirror

Binh Vo ’19, intern with TrendCT/CT Mirror: I am from Chicago, IL, and I am currently a freshman hoping to major in Computer Science. I am very interested in learning more about computer science, and a cool fact about me is that I am ambidextrous. Read Binh’s posts.

I am working with Andrew Ba Tran, the current data editor at TrendCT/CT Mirror, to tell stories using data visualization tools. We will be using HTML, Javascript, and CSS to tell these stories, and we will be transferring old data to a better server so we can be able to use this data more effectively. 

View the DataViz final presentation with TrendCT/CTMirror.

Community partner Laura McCarthy, Connecticut Landmarks with Shuxin (Amy) Zhang ’19

Shuxin “Amy” Zhang ’19, intern with Connecticut Landmarks: I am from Tianjin, China, and I am currently a freshman. I am planning to double major in Asian Studies and Computer Science here at Trinity. I hope to learn how to integrate both research and technology together, and I believe that the project I will be working on for the seminar can help me do so. Read Amy’s posts.

I am working with Laura McCarthy from Connecticut Landmarks on an interactive map tour. We will be digitizing archives, artifacts, and handwritten journals collected by the organization from a world traveller from over 100 years ago. We want to create an interactive model of his trip around the world including different points in his travel and the different things he saw and collected.

View the DataViz final presentation with Connecticut Landmarks.

Community partners Kayla Angeletti and Ron Pitz, KNOX (formerly Knox Parks Foundation) with Yunzhou (Doris) Zhang ’19

Yunzhou “Doris” Zhang ’19, intern with KNOX: I am from Shanghai, China, and I am currently a freshman hoping to double major in Environmental Science and Educational Studies. I am very interested in the natural environment and issues concerning the topic, which is the reason I have partnered up with my specific community partner. Read Doris’s posts.

I am working with Kayla Angeletti and Ron Pitz from KNOX (formerly known as Know Parks Foundation) demonstrate the gardens surrounding Hartford in an interactive map and creating a detailed profile for each of the gardens. KNOX owns twenty community gardens located in the central part of Hartford. The program serves the local families and seeks to reveal the ethnic diversity within the city of Hartford.

View the DataViz final presentation with KNOX.

DataViz Seminar – Spring 2014

Marissa BlockMarissa Block ‘14, intern with Achieve Hartford, an advocate for urban education reform: I live in Wall, NJ and pride myself on being from the Jersey Shore. After completing my dual major in Economics and International Studies, with a minor in Arabic, I wish to pursue a career in international affairs with a focus on the Middle East. Aside from my academics, I also enjoy running, playing soccer, and traveling. Read Marissa’s posts.

Ray LiRay Li ‘14, intern with the Injury Prevention Center, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford Hospital: I live in Somerville, MA and describe myself as an active person, both physically and academically. In addition to recreational exercise and sport, and I am active in school organizations. After completing my dual major in Neuroscience and Anthropology, and I hope to work in the field of public health or marketing. Read Ray’s posts.

Katie HawkinsKatie Hawkins ‘15, intern with GreatBy8, a West Hartford community collaborative for early childhood education and health: I am from Anguilla, British West Indies and grew up in the Caribbean, but attended The Lawrenceville School for my junior and senior years of high school. I major in Sociology with a minor in Legal Studies, and most of my extracurricular time is committed to the Trinity women’s tennis team. Read Katie’s posts.

KeaneSarahSarah Keane ’15, intern with Move UP, Capital Region Adult Literacy Partnership: I grew up Weston, Massachusetts, where I attended Weston High School. At Trinity, I major in Psychology, with a minor in Philosophy, and am a coxswain on the women’s crew team. In addition to participating in sports, I lead campus tours for the Admissions Office and recently returned from studying abroad in Paris. Read Sarah’s posts.

Shaina LoShaina Lo ‘15, intern with the Park Watershed, an urban-suburban environmental stewardship: I grew up in a traditional Hmong family in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. At Trinity, I study Environmental Science and Human Rights, and am very interested in learning about people’s cultures and interactions with their environment. Aside from academics, I do yoga, work in admissions, and referee for youth soccer. Read Shaina’s posts.

DefaultVeronica Armendariz ’16, teaching assistant: I am from Chicago, and at Trinity my major is Educational Studies, with a concentration in policy and implementation. I enjoy volunteering, hiking, and drawing whenever I am not studying for class, but my true passion lies in teaching. When I graduate, I hope to become a high school mathematics teacher and eventually work with a non-profit organization. Read Veronica’s posts.

IMG_0517newMinh Nguyen ‘16, intern with The Connecticut Mirror: I am from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and before coming to Hartford, Connecticut, I attended Verde Valley School in Sedona, Arizona for three years. At Trinity, I am a dual major in Economics and Mathematics. Outside of academics, my interests include oil painting, and I received awards for my artwork at several shows during high school. Read Minh’s posts.

1097047_4448030738076_1209190686_oMinh Anh Nguyen ‘16, intern with The Connecticut Mirror: I am from Hanoi, and currently a dual major in Economics and Mathematics at Trinity. Being an international student has opened a lot of opportunities for me and given me a chance to get out of my comfort zone. Once I graduate, I hope to pursue a master’s degree in finance and accounting, and be able to work in the finance field. Read Minh Anh’s posts.

phottdfghjko 1 (1)Benjamin Peterson ‘17, working on data projects for the Trinity Ed Studies Program and BikeMap: I was born in Greenwich, Connecticut, but have lived the past 17 years of my life in the San Francisco Bay area. At Trinity, I am currently on the rowing crew and am exploring various fields of study. As of now, I plan to major in Economics, and after graduation, I hope to attend business school. Read Ben’s posts.

Pilot Project – Fall 2013

Piloted for 3 weeks of Educ 308: Cities Suburbs & Schools seminar

Emily Meehan ’16, Savannah Reuben ’15, and Elaina Rollins ’16 partnered with Connecticut Mirror education reporter Jacqueline Rabe Thomas on the implementation of the Sheff school integration remedy, and were credited for co-creating data visualizations that appeared in: Jacqueline Rabe Thomas and Alvin Chang, “By the Numbers: Integrating Schools in CT,” CT Mirror, January 15, 2014,

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