J-Term Drone Course

We are excited to announce that our J Term Course has been approved!

Instructor: David Tatem, Instructional Technologist

Hartford from 300ft over Trinity. DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Drone Flight School – Making maps safely and responsibly with drone technology

Unmanned Arial Systems (UAS) or drones have quickly emerged as a new way to explore the world around us. Emerging applications include surveying, search and rescue, scientific research and unmanned cargo. Mapping via drones is a growing field as drone imagining technology is compatible with desktop mapping software. Responsible drone usage requires knowledge of FAA regulations especially in urban areas where local air traffic could be impacted. This hands-on course will introduce students to UAS technology and all participants will learn how to fly drones safely and responsibly. They will then use the drones and associated imaging software to construct maps on and/or Trinity College campus.

We are planning on combining classroom instruction with hands on flying and applications. We will cover topics including

  • UAV history, development and applications
  • FAA regulations and safety
  • Basic flight procedures and creating automated flight paths
  • Aerial Imagery and Videography
  • Photogrammetry and Mapping

Week 1 Schedule

Week 2 Schedule

J Term 2018 in review (coming soon)

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