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Join the DUNDi cloud, call Europe!

Do you have an Asterisk box and an underutilized T1? Or do you have a large number of DID numbers on your PBX? Why not join a DUNDi cloud and trade access to your numbers or to your local calling area for access to other organizations’ numbers and local calling areas?

DUNDi is a protocol which allows Asterisk servers to share information about to numbers to which each can route calls. Forum postings suggest that DUNDi is fairly widely used between PBXs within single organizations. But it is hard to find organizations interested in using DUNDi for toll bypass. One can find many references to a DUNDi-Test network, but requests to join go unanswered.

One person who was frustrated by this situation is Anthony Messina of Messinet Secure Services. He decided to organize a new DUNDi cloud for PSTN access. This cloud has grown from two or three nodes a year ago to about 30 now.

Looking at the CDR from a medium-sized PBX which tries to route calls through this DUNDi cloud before trying other means, I see that it has handled calls to Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia (USA), Hawaii, Italy, France, Germany, and UK. Of course, the cloud does not provide complete coverage of any of these areas, but in the last 10 months this PBX still had managed to route out almost 5000 minutes over DUNDi! This is even more amazing when one considers that at the start of this period the cloud was quite small.

What to start sharing? Visit http://messinet.com/project/dundi and find yourself a peer.

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