What do I wish to take from EDUC 300?

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I recently became acquainted with the Educational Studies program at Trinity, and immediately fell in love with the courses that were offered. As a student who has been through many different types of educational institutions, including public and now private, I have noticed that there is a major problem that exists in the way schools teach our children. As an Educational Studies major, I hope to learn what causes these imperfections in the system, and particularly what have policy-makers in the past done to relieve many of the problems. As mentioned, this class will not only teach me the aims that educational reformers had in the past, but it will also teach me what we can do in the future. I also hope to polish my writing skills in order to properly execute my ideas about Education reform.

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  1. Great to be working with you this semester, and I’ll be curious to read and hear more about how you unpack the “major problem” you described above that stands in the way of teaching and learning. If you had to put your finger on “the problem,” how would you define it? Let’s continue that conversation this spring.

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