Pathways to Teaching

Pathways to Teaching panelists 2016

Trinity students who are interested in teaching are encouraged to explore different pathways that match their current experience and personal goals. As a first step, the Educational Studies faculty strongly recommend that you enroll in our introductory Educ 200: Analyzing Schools course, which integrates coursework with a three-hour-per-week participant-observation placement in a nearby Hartford public school classroom. We also host events for recent alumni to share stories about their different pathways to teaching with current Trinity students:

Make an appointment with Professor Jack Dougherty, Director of Educational Studies, to discuss which of these pathways to teaching might be a good match for you:

  1.  Public school teacher licensure via the University of Saint Joseph consortial program, while earning your Trinity undergraduate degree.
  2. Public school teaching opportunities and/or licensure via alternate route or graduate school programs, after receiving your Trinity undergraduate degree.
  3. Private school or international school teaching positions, which do not require state-approved certification (link to Career Development Center to come).
  4. Mentoring and tutoring opportunities with students in Hartford (link to new Center to come).