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The Art of Jiu Jitsu

Traditional stick and ball sports have never been my strong point. I think I don’t have enough hand-eye coordination for those sports. But, in high school I discovered that I love martial arts. I like martial arts because they teach you how to use use your “inner energy” and you form very close ties with the people you train or fight with.

In high school I had participated in martial arts (MMA) for over 3 years. So, when I came to Trinity and I discovered that there was a jiu jitsu club, I knew I had to join it. I already had some experience in Brazilian jiu jitsu from MMA, but traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu is a bit different. In traditional jiu jitsu there is a lot of emphasis on defense against strikes, joint locks, and throws. Brazilian jiu jitsu focuses more on ground fighting. The club’s instructors were very helpful in getting me adjusted to the new style of martial arts. After a semester of training I now feel much more skilled in Japanese jiu jitsu.

The jiu jitsu club at Trinity is also very fun. Even though we train hard and practice discipline, we still laugh all the time and have a good time with each other. We have to trust each other during practice so that we don’t get seriously hurt. By building this trust, we also become good friends. As a result, the jiu jitsu club also holds many social events. These social events give me a chance to relax and talk with other club members.

I throughly enjoy everything the jiu jitsu club has to offer and I hope to continue participating in it through my time at Trinity. I just earned my yellow belt, and I also hope to continue advancing. Participating in jiu jitsu should help me in the future when I get really stressed by school work.