Eric Zhang ’22

I’m Eric, a member of #TrinColl2022. I’m double majoring in History and Urban Studies. I would describe myself as an adventurous street photography enthusiast. Street photography allows me to capture the most dramatic moments, and to express my understanding of the world through an image. You’ll always find me with my camera. Photography is like my second life and my camera’s viewfinder is my second vision. A friend once told me that street photography is similar to taking a gamble since you never know what kind of people you’ll meet or what you’ll observe. That surprise is what makes street photography exciting.

My experience tells me that what I do really makes a difference, and I consider myself to be one of the most fortunate students since I found multiple ways to pursue what I am passionate about in college. I believe in the influence of the media and especially people. That’s why I am a SoMA.

Let’s Be Social: @ericzsy