Explore Bloomberg in J-Term course COLL-203!

IMG_1160Interested in learning how to extract data from Bloomberg?!

Want to have some ‘fun with numbers’?!

COLL-203 in January Term 2018 will be using the Bloomberg lab extensively to collect, download and analyze financial data. The course title is “Analyzing and Communicating Financial Data” and it will be taught by Cheryl Cape and Dr. Christopher Hoag.  This is the second time that the course has been offered.

The course description goes as follows:

Private citizens, public policymakers, and industry leaders increasingly are overwhelmed by data intended to help inform decision-making. This course is designed to help students identify, organize, and analyze data strategically, with a focus on data sources relevant to financial activity. Non-technical data analysis and visualization will be used to illuminate policy outcomes or to assist with the prediction of the likely behavior of governments, firms, or financial variables. The course will utilize both proprietary and open data sources to extract political, economic, financial, social, and historical information. The course will not count toward any major, and no previous knowledge or experience in financial economics is expected. Recommended: one course in statistics or social science methods.

The course will meet from January 8 through 19, from 10 am to noon in the lab. For more information, along with registration information, go to http://www.trincoll.edu/Academics/Jterm/Pages/default.aspx.