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Alex Grey Website, Dealer, Museums

Alex Grey – This is Alex Grey’s personal website. It is the crossroads for all the media attributed to him. There are a lot of great links to reviews, videos, and galleries. There is an online store for his work. Chapel of Sacred Mirrors – Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, CoSM for short, is a spiritual retreat… Continue Reading

Alex Grey Reviews

Alex Grey’s personal website has a section that catalogs all or most of the reviews that have been written about his art. Thym, Jolene. “Art That Looks Beneath Surface Appearances.” Oakland Tribune 3 Apr.   1997: n. pag. Web. 4 Nov. 2014. – This article is a great summary of Grey’s career and his hopes for how he… Continue Reading

Alex Grey Books

On his website, I found that Alex Grey had written a book. I could not find it in the Raether Library catalog or in the Consortium so I just had to but it on Kindle. Grey, Alex, Ken Wilber, and Carlo McCormick. Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey. Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions International, 1990.… Continue Reading

Alex Grey Twitter/blogs

When I typed “Alex Grey” in Google, his Twitter page was one of the first websites to come up. I could not find a lot of other blogs other than the Iasos blog. 1) Twitter: @alexgreycosm – Alex Grey’s Twitter account is the most important source in this category because it is one of his… Continue Reading

Alex Grey Google Search – His Wikipedia page is particularly helpful because it contains a lot of great references to other websites and articles about him and his work.   Continue Reading

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