Where Do Historians Work? A Look at the Data

“Based on the ground-breaking “The Many Careers of History PhDs,” the AHA has gathered data from more than 30 departments that grant history PhDs. Using this information, we have created the only interactive, discipline-specific, and cross-institutional database of career outcomes for PhDs. The data from each program represents a snapshot of the employment of a 10-year cohort (2004–13) of graduates. The AHA plans to continually update that underlying data to expand the number of departments included and to provide data useful to our members. Use the database to get a fine-grained sense of the range of careers open to history PhDs (using the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Standard Occupational Classification system, or SOC) and to compare program outcomes by field of study, geographic location, gender, date of graduation and more. For information about the methodology used in gathering this data, please see About the Data” For more information, go HERE.

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