How to join the ISEP

Membership dues for the ISEP are 80 U.S. dollars.

Students and people with reduced incomes are charged 24 U.S. dollars.

All members receive a subscription to our journal, Ecological Psychology, as part of their paid membership. In addition, members receive all communications sent out to Society members.

To pay ISEP dues (member fee) click on the “Donate” button below and use Paypal or a credit card to make a payment of $80US (or $24US if you are a student or have reduced income). Please send an email message to the ISEP Treasurer Chris Pagano ( with the postal mailing address at which you would like to receive the print version of the Journal. You may also email the Treasurer if you have any questions, or wish to pay by another method.

We invite you to donate to the William Mace Travel Fund to support student travel to ISEP conferences, in honor of the Society’s founding Secretary. Any payment over and above your dues amount will be credited to the Travel Fund.