Narrated PowerPoint

A good PowerPoint slide deck doesn’t stand on its own. The slides aren’t your presentation, you are giving the presentation, the slides are just visual aids. So how do you share a PowerPoint presentation without losing sight of that? Simple! Just add your own voice by recording the slide show. While not fancy creating a narrated PowerPoint is a powerful way to share your content when you can’t do it in person. You can save the final product as a video file or as a standard PowerPoint so when viewers play the slide show they will hear your audio and the slides will advance based on the timings you have set. The process is the same on Windows or Mac.

  • Under the Slide Show tab choose Record Slide Show.
  • You can choose to also record annotations or the laser pointer.
  • Keep it short! You are better off saving multiple 10 minute sessions than one hour long session.
  • While recording, pause for a second on each slide before you start speaking then advance to the next slide and repeat.
  • The slide timing will be automatically saved along with your audio. 
  • If you need to go back and make any changes you can clear timings and/or narrations on individual slides and re record them.

When you save the file it will retain the timings and narrations. Just play the slide show from the beginning and it will play through automatically.

You may choose to save the file as a video rather than a PowerPoint file. This could be useful if you want to create a video quiz on Moodle using Kaltura for example.

  1. Click the file menu
  2. Choose Export
  3. Choose Create a Video 
  4. The default settings are probably best but you may choose Internet Quality rather than presentation quality, especially if it is a long recording. This will greatly reduce the overall file size.
  5. Choose create video to save the file. The default mp4 format is recommended.







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