New cross-listed course: Improv Theater & Social Change

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Check out this new course for Spring 2012, which may interest my “Color & Money” FYSM and also will be cross-listed for Ed Studies majors.

NEW COURSE!!!! Performance Opportunity!!!

THDN 345: Special Topics: Improvisational Theater and Social Change

Mon/Wed 1:15-3:15

This new course is based on the improvised political theater methods of Augusto Boal. Studio coursework will culminate in improvised, interactive presentations focused on campus climate issues that will be performed for the College community. We will explore different aspects of improvisation, conduct research, and investigate the principles of Boal’s “Theater of the Oppressed.” No acting experience is necessary, just a willingness to engage in and explore issues, and a desire to affect change in our community.
For information please contact the Instructors: Michael Preston and Barbara Karger. and