Educ 303: Becoming Citizens, new course in Spring 2013

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Trinity’s Curriculum Committee has approved a proposal from Professor Andrea Dyrness to teach a new course, Educ 303: Becoming Citizens: Youth Identity and Civic Action, in Spring 2013.

Course description: How do young people from diverse social backgrounds develop a sense of themselves and their responsibility to others? How and why do some become committed to work for social change, while others do not? Do high school and college campuses provide supportive contexts for young people’s civic identity development?  Drawing on a body of qualitative research and the Trinity College context, this course will investigate these questions, with the goal of understanding how citizenship is defined, developed and contested by youth and schools in dialogue with larger social forces. We will explore such areas as youth activism, service-learning, immigration status, policies, and immigrant activism, political identity and participation. Students will engage in an ethnographic research project that explores these questions on the Trinity campus. Pre-requisite: Completion of either Educ 200 or Anthro 201 with a C- or above; course not open to first-years.

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