Mary Morr ’12 recruiting interns for Sheff Movement

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Mary Morr, Public Policy & Law major from the Class of 2012, encourages students to intern with The Sheff Movement in Hartford. She writes:

Mary Morr ’12 at Sheff Movement event

As an intern with the Sheff Movement, you will support the ongoing effort to create quality, integrated education in Hartford. This internship is a chance to engage with the Sheff v. O’Neill case you have undoubtedly studied in many of your courses at Trinity. You will learn more about the current state of the Sheff settlement, progress that has been made in Hartford, and obstacles that remain to realizing the goal of fully integrated schools. You will also have the opportunity to meet several key players in education policy and practice in Connecticut, such as members of the legal team for the Sheff case, Superintendent of Hartford Public Schools Dr. Christina Kishimoto, Connecticut Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor, and Elizabeth Horton Sheff herself.

Interns should be familiar with Sheff desegregation remedies. Much of the work you will complete can be done on campus and on your own schedule, so it is a very flexible internship option but one that requires excellent time-management, independence, and self-discipline. The internship is task-based, with several practical and engaging short-term assignments. Some of the specific projects you may be asked to complete include:

  • Collecting and summarizing data on Sheff schools.
  • Reaching out to parents to engage them in desegregation strategies.
  • Developing materials (resource guides, charts, flyers) to promote magnet and Open Choice schools.
  • Managing databases of key contacts in the legislature, parent groups, schools, and the media.
  • Attending monthly Sheff Movement meetings with parents and education administrators.

For more information, feel free to contact Mary Morr, an intern with the Sheff Movement in the spring of 2012, at To apply, contact Phil Tegeler at

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